Little Happenings

These past two weeks of little happenings in photos. :)

^^ This colorful wall spotted while Charles and I were out for breakfast. I legit made him make a u-turn so I could take a pic in front of the wall because this was my first time seeing a butterfly theme mural and I LOVE butterflies.

^^ A sister sleepover with my sister, Gigi. For those who may be new to this blog, I have an 8 year old sister whose full name is Ginelys but she goes by Giney (like genie) or Gigi. She’s simply awesome and I love having her stay with me and Charles for the weekend whenever I can.

^^ Thanksgiving as a transitioning vegetarian this year was easy peasy. I simply ate all the sides which are always ah-mazing. I had two plates of stuffing, green beans, yams, greens, mac n’ cheese and was stuffed.

^^ Charles showing me around his hometown. This was the view from atop Mount Trashmore, a mountain made of composed trash.

^^ A fleeting sunset caught as we drove home from Chesapeake, VA.

^^ I experienced my first blooming tea and it was everything.

^^ A lil freestyle video of me dancing in support of a great cause for Giving Tuesday. My girl, Cynthia, is the Director of Baltimore Dance Crew Project, a non-profit organization that provides accessible dance programming for youth in Baltimore. I’ve helped out few times for their events and have seen first hand the impact they are making in the community. As you may or may not know, Dance has always been my first love and passion. While I know longer work as a dancer professionally, I’m a huge supporter of the arts and still take dance classes for fun.

And that’s a little look into these past couple of weeks. Other than enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve been working and working out and enjoying some much needed quiet time. I touched on it briefly a while ago but I’ve been in a transitional funk since this past summer and I feel like I’m only now truly finding my way out it.

It’s not a subject I feel ready to dive deeply into since I’m still going through it… But I am, overall, feeling more like myself and it’s the kind of tiny progress to feel thankful for.

What were some of your favorite little happenings from this past week?

xo. Setarra

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  • Never heard of a blooming tea but that sounds so good! I’m going to have to look more into this

    • Yessss, if you ever see “blooming tea” on a menu, order it! xo

  • How’s the vegetarian living going? Those sides all look delicious! As for that mural, love it!

    • Vegetarian life is going good so far. I’ve had a few moments of weakness and eaten meat but I think it’s to be expected since I consider myself a “transitioning vegetarian” lol. But overall, it’s been good. And yes, that mural is everything! xo