NYC Love on Top Of The Rock :)

Charles surprised me this past week/ weekend! I wasn’t expecting to see him until Friday night but then he kinda showed up at my job on Thursday … a.k.a. Valentine’s Day.  It was by far the grandest thing he’s ever done for me in the name of love. Driving up from DC to New York on a Thursday and I had no idea. The fact that he was able to keep it a secret was an accomplishment in and of itself because I usually have the 6th sense when it comes to surprises. 
When I first saw him I couldn’t believe it was actually him! I went from surprised, to happy, to emotional and then pissed … And back to happy haha. He ended up instagramming my whole reaction to his surprise that you can see here. He tagged the photos under #shehasnoidea … Lucky for him, I don’t do social media while I’m at work. Needless to say, we had an awesome weekend :)

One of the highlights from this past weekend was our trip to the Top of the RockLocated on the top floor/observation deck of the Rockefeller Center, we were able to get a bird’s eye view of New York City. From the super fast elevator with disco lights that took us to the top floor to the clear view of the Empire State Building and Central Park … The experience was well worth the $20 tickets per person :)

What I like the most about exploring touristy places is the camaraderie among tourists to help each other get the perfect picture.  I could be in Times Square, the Staten Island Ferry, Central Park, 5 Pointz, the Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge or on a random street corner … You can bet your bottom dollar that someone will approach me to take a picture for them. And I will most definitely take a picture/couple of pictures for them. With that said, it is guaranteed that they will take a picture of me in exchange if I ask them to…

Charles and I were walking around the Top of the Rock trying to get the perfect picture with the Empire State Building behind us. (Okay … More like I was determined. Charles just goes along to please me. Smart man …) Luckily at that moment,  a couple approached us to take a picture of them. I did. And then, they in turn took a picture of us … I didn’t like the picture. So I asked another random guy to take another picture of us. He took 3 pictures and from those 3, I found the winning picture! (seen above). And as we made our way to exit the observation deck, we were flagged down by two other groups asking us (me) to take their pictures…
Picture taking … It’s the main currency for bartering among tourists and/or resident tourists like myself. It’s a powerful thing man … Pictures. I seriously won’t leave a place until I get the perfect photo… Says the girl who used to hate having her mom ask her to take pictures because her mom would always take 20 pictures for one shot … Thanks Mom … I’m becoming more and more like you everyday ;) #asianmomproblems

xo, Setarra

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  • what a great surprise! I would love to get up tot he top some day!

  • Great pictures! Love all the city views

  • Well all your photos are lovely. You two are such a beautiful couple. It's memories and moments like these that you will share forever. :)

  • I just went and looked at the surprise pictures.. that is too cute! Looks like you guys had a great weekend together! Thanks for linking up :)

  • lmao asianmomproblems. i hate taking pictures when i was a kid. now i'm such a camwhore.
    i haven't done top of the rock yet. i think i need to. that view of the empire state is just WHOA.

    charles is da man. props.

  • You guys are an adorable couple! How sweet of him to surprise you. And these pictures are incredible! So pretty :)

    Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip!!

  • How stinkin' sweet of Charles! I love a good surprise! I also loooove those panoramic shots you took. Definitely need to go there the next time I make my way to NYC.

  • Amy

    That is the sweetest thing! I love that he surprised you. :) Those pictures are fabulous!

  • So sweet and great pictures!

  • How sweet! I'm a new follower from Mish Lovin life. I'm a sponsor this month as well! :)


  • Aww good man :) Glad you had fun in New York!