Maine – Let’s End At The Beginning :)


Here we go! My final post about our trip to Maine last summer and it’s a short but sweet one.

Today, I’m ending this series at the very beginning.

Our first evening in the Pine Tree State… We had just arrived at camp and were unloading the car when I noticed the sky was changing into these awesome shades of blue. Of course, I stopped everything and made Charles and my brother, Gabe, come out to the dock and enjoy the sunset with me. It was the perfect way to begin our week in Maine.


As some of you may already know, Charles and I eloped a couple years ago (we’ll be two years married in July – time is flying!) and while we 100% have no regrets… We’ve come to realize that a benefit of marrying traditionally is that it gets all of your family and friends in one place to meet and get to know each other.

Since we eloped, we didn’t have this benefit which is why our visit to Maine was important.


The main purpose for our trip was to introduce Charles to my family and vice versa. It was also important for me to have him experience a lifestyle that played a big influence in molding me into the multi-ethnic/cultural/”complicated” woman that I am today.


Overall, our time in Maine provided an opportunity for me and Charles to get know each other better in an environment that allowed us to unplug and focus on each other without distraction. And yes, even after being together for nearly 9 years, the “getting to know you” part as a couple never ends.


From our very first trip together to St. John, USVI five years ago to this more recent trip to Maine, travel has played a major role in creating experiences that continue to develop and strengthen the foundation of our relationship.

Love and travel… There really is no better combination. Especially when you have the perfect travel partner. #blackandyellowtravels

Dear Maine, We’ll see you again this summer.

A big shoutout to my brother, Gabe, for snapping these photos of me and Charles. Love you bro. <3

And also a big thank YOU for your patience as I slowly recap my/our travels. Now that our trip to Maine is officially memorialized on this blog, I can start working on my ever growing backlog of drafted posts that includes our trip to Mexico last December and more. Stay tuned. :)

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  • Whitney

    My mom has always wanted to go to Maine, it looks absolutely beautiful!

    • Maine is so worth the trip! There’s so much to do inland and on the coast. :)

  • Those views are just magical! Loveeee these photos and all of that blue :)

    • Isn’t it?! Sunsets that take place by any form of water are always the best. :)

  • So true that the “getting to know you” never ends! Such gorgeous photos. I can’t wait to visit Maine!

    • Ooooh, do you have a trip planned to Maine??

  • great photos! #travel tuesday

  • I love that you made everyone stop and pay attention to what was most important with that sunset. And now you get to relive the moment every time you look at these gorgeous photos! It’s funny; my husband and I wish we would have eloped instead of having a wedding. The best idea might still be to elope, but throw a huge reception party later, like after the honeymoon! :D It’s all good; you’ll have an epic 5 or 10 year anniversary party to balance it all out. Love your Maine posts, I had no idea it was so beautiful!

    • Haha sooo true! We plan to have a big 7 year wedding anniversary party with our family and friends to make up for eloping. :D

  • I love your photos! Maine is on my list since it’s not too far from New York. I feel like it’s a great romantic spot. I also love your blog tag line “A life happening” so fun :-) #traveltuesday

    • Hi Amanda! I think you will love Maine when you visit. It is definitely a great for romance because it forces you to unplug. And Thanks! :)