March Happening ’16


This post is for all you late night blog readers since I’m a little behind on getting this post up today.

Better late than never, right? In my defense, the first couple of days in April have been crazy busy.

With that said let’s get to recapping March’s life happenings.

In March…


^^ Charles and I got back into the swings of things with cooking at home every day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner – we’ve been putting work in the kitchen.

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to share some of our favorite recipes to cook on the blog. The thing is… We don’t have any natural lighting in our kitchen which means my “at home” foodie pics aren’t the best quality. But lately I’ve been thinking “who says I have to have good lighting to share a recipe”? Gonna let these thoughts percolate a little more before I make a decision. Would you be interested in me sharing some home cooking recipes?


^^^ Spring has sprung and it’s a beaut. All the flowers and cherry blossoms trees blooming all over the place. I absolutely love D.C. in the spring.

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^^ My brother, Louis, saying “Hi” a.k.a. “get that camera out of my face so I can eat” lol.


^^^ We celebrated my sister-in-law, Jen’s birthday at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in D.C. = Lauriol Plaza. Not only is the food good, the drinks are slammin! My favorite drink to get there? The Strawberry Swirl Frozen Margarita. It’s Lauriol Plaza’s signature drink for good reason.

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^^^ I did an engagement photo session with my close friends, Don and Tia and it was such a fun experience. You can read more about that session in my previous post here. The photos above are a little sneak peek from the shoot. I”ll share more once I’m done editing. :)


^^^ I follow singer, Miguel’s fiance, Nazanin Mandi, on Instagram and am absolutely obsessed with her short curly hair. So much that I’ve been thinking about getting mine cut to match her current hairstyle. The only thing is that her face is angular whereas my face is pretty round (Charles says I have a moon face lol). So I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pull off this short ‘do… What do you think? Should I just go for it?

Mv6yqjHVhQib0ymD.jpg AMLYAAJrkRW1tB2h.jpg

^^ My girl, Katherine.

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^^ This past Friday, I took the day off to volunteer my time helping my girlfriend, Katherine, shoot a dance music video for a class she teaches. I assisted in being Katherine’s second eyes when she was dancing to make sure the choreography and spacing was just right in the video frame. I also took photos of the behind the scenes action and put in work as a slate girl. We worked non-stop from 9am-5pm shooting all the scenes needed for the video. The students did such a great job dancing and Katherine’s choreography looked so good in the space she chose to shoot, the Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore.. Can’t wait to see the final product in June! Also, I shared a little video clip from our day on Instagram if you’re curious.

And that’s that. March in a nutshell with a sprinkle of April 1st’s life happenings. Overall, a month full of creative projects that have been a blast to be a part of and working hard for more opportunities like this to come my way, especially in the realm of photography. :)

How was the month of March for you?

  • I love Nazanin’s style, too! Definitely go for the cut. I feel the same way about posting recipes. Have you heard of the daylight bulb? I first heard about them on Sarah’s blog, and I’m looking to grab a few soon.

    • Ooooooh daylight bulb??? Gonna go check this out right now!

      And thanks for the vote of confidence! I think I’m going to go for this cut in June, right on time for summer so I won’t have any hair on my neck lol. :) xo

  • You’re hair looks really amazing in that first pic. Like… bomb.

    • Thanks Tasha! I only actually do my hair like once a week so my hair was fresh on this day. Most days, it’s a frizzy mess or pulled back in a ponytail lol.

  • Whitney

    I love her haircut too! Almost took the plunge and then I remembered when my hair is shorter than shoulder length, bad things happen. Also…I’d love for you to share some recipes! Who says you have to have great natural lighting? I’m sure you can get creative and bust out some bomb pictures. I love the snaps of you cooking lol.

    • Lol yes, your curls are much tighter than mine so I’m sure they spring up when your wear a shorter length.But I totally think you could pull off a short do, you would just need to make sure your hairstylist knows what she/he’s doing. And thanks Whitney! I’m taking a little snapchat detox but will be back in session later on this week. :)

  • So much delicious looking food!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Megan

    Yes yes yes to sharing some recipe posts with us!