The MLK Jr. Memorial At Night

Last week, Charles and I made a spur of the moment decision at 10pm to head downtown to The National Mall, a.k.a. “The Mall” as we locals like to call it, because D.C. at night is our favorite…

The hoards of tourists are gone and the monuments are all lit up, creating a quiet intimacy you won’t experience when visiting during the day.

We had planned to walk all over the Mall but, instead, found ourselves gravitating towards the MLK Jr. Memorial where the statue of Dr. King stands proudly, his image carved out of the “Stone of Hope” as a reminding symbol of the fight for justice and equality.

My favorite part of this memorial is the Inscription Wall which features 14 quotes chosen from Dr. King’s speeches, sermons and writings that embody his 4 main principles: justice, democracy, hope and love.


While we’ve been to The Mall at night many times, this was our first time seeing the MLK Jr. Memorial at night and after our visit, I now prefer seeing it this way as opposed to during the day.

Because at night is when the memorial really comes to life.

At night, Dr. King stands as a literal beacon of light watching over D.C. in the midst of darkness.

And it’s a very comforting sight to behold.

It’s been an ominous couple of days as we prepare for the inevitability of the inauguration on Friday.

Ominous but not hopeless.

If anything, I think the audacity of hope is stronger than ever.

For every action, there is a reaction and I believe we are going to see some amazing things manifest over these next 4 years in response to the adversities our nation is preparing to face & overcome. Case in point, the Women’s March on Washington taking place this Saturday <– Charles and I and a group of friends will be marching. Hope to see you there!

Today, we celebrate your legacy Dr. King.

May your words continue to spur social action.

And your light always shine over D.C., America and the world.

  • Great post, Setarra. The monument looks amazing all lit up under the moonlight!

    • Isn’t it?! DC at night is seriously the best :)

  • I just love the MLK monument! Overtime I see it i’m just in awe. I really wish I could be there to march as well I know it’s going to be lit lol. You guys show out for the ones who can’t make it.

    • Same – seeing the memorial never gets old! And I know right? It’s looking like its gonna be a huge turnout for the march!

  • I think that’s my feelings about the impending doom that is Trump being in office and honestly MLK Day, this post, and just the positivity overall these past couple of days has brought more emphasis on how much hope there still is and how much love there is. Thank you for sharing this with us!

    • So true. The outpouring of love and communal support has been sooo real these past couple of weeks among friends, family and strangers despite all the craziness going on. Just gotta keep on, keep on.

  • So fun! I love getting to see parts of a city at night, especially when it looks as peaceful as this.

    • Yes, the monuments are soooo peaceful at night.

  • The monument looks so dramatic and eerie in that light – guess that’s the point! And urgh, the inauguration. I mean, I’m not American and I don’t even live in the US (or have ever been there) but every time I hear anything about in the news, it just makes me cringe… like it’s unbelievable that this is actually happening, still.

    • I live less than 5 miles away from D.C and the vibe has been soooo off these past couple of weeks. 92% of residents in D.C. voted for Hillary and the District, in general, is very progressive. Everyone is worried about how Trump “moving in” will affect the city culture. It’s still very hard to process that tomorrow is happening. Alot of people are actually going out of town because they don’t want to deal with the groups of people who are coming into town for the inauguration. I just hope and pray that everything stays peaceful this weekend.

  • Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. I’m hoping to see it in person some day. Stay safe this weekend. I love that you all are heading out to the march this weekend. I just worry that all the crazies will be out, too.

    • Thanks Sara! I hope that everything stays peaceful this weekend too. xo