Moments From Wedding #4 …

Had an awesome time this past weekend in Virginia Beach for Charles’s brother’s wedding!!! Good People, Food and Energy made for a beautiful ceremony and celebration. I will post more pics from this past weekend’s festivities soon! Until then, here are some pics I took while on the go via Instagram :) One more wedding to go this year…  2 weeks till I head to Texas for Wedding Ceremony #5!!! {All pics via Instagram: @setarrra}

Charles lookin all dapper in his tux.
 Like Father, Like Son #goodgenes
The beautiful newlyweds!
Mr. & Mrs. William Nicholson :)
Me and Charles <3
 On the bus back to NYC after an awesome weekend!
A little clip from the dance floor at the wedding reception. 
The Nicholson Brothers in action … This is regular ;)
xo, Setarra