My Neck Was Hot So I Chopped My Hair Off

The last time I had my hair this short was during my sophomore year in college. Over the years, I’ve been on a mission to grow it out and have “titty hair” (hair that’s long enough to cover your tatas in case one wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween). But then one day (a couple weeks ago), I realized that I was over the ‘long locks’ look and wanted a shorter cut to better reflect my low maintenance style. And so I scheduled a hair appointment this past Saturday at Fiddleheads, an awesome salon I found online located in the Dupont Circle area of D.C. that specializes in curly hair cuts. My stylist, Vicky, was so warm and welcoming when I sat in her chair. I told her that I wanted a layered, short look that would grow out nice and man, did she deliver. My head feels soooo much lighter and with the weight of almost 5 inches of hair chopped off, my curls are more buoyant and defined. I love it. My hair has personality now :)
^^ Super Cute Business Card!!

If you live in the D.C. area and have curly hair, I highly recommend a visit to the Fiddleheads salon! Since moving back down to the DMV, I’ve been bouncing around from salon to salon looking for a place that felt like a good fit energy wise for me and my hair… But Fiddleheads is now my go-to salon for curly haircuts after having such a great experience this past weekend! 

P.S. If you’re a curly girl looking for a salon in your area with curly hair stylists, I suggest using the Deva Curly Stylist Finder. This site provides a database curly stylists around the country who are trained by and certified through Deva with the knowledge on how to properly cut curly hair. Just pop in your zip code and voila! A list a curly hair stylists within a certain mile radius right at your fingertips! 

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  • Love the new cut. This summer is all about braids for me

  • Oh girl you look fierce!

    I too have been contemplating a big chop. I feel like everyone around me is more attached to my hair than I am…and I'm ready for something new.

    Anyway I dig the cut!

  • It looks so good!!! I've been contemplating a cut for myself too and I'm looking for a place that will take highlighted hair for donation. But I'm thinking a cut is definitely happening in the next 2 months.

  • Haha I love the card! And your hair looks fantastic!! You're one of those people who can pull off long or short. Lucky!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

  • They did such a great job, I love it!

  • Looks great! I always feel lighter when I chop my hair. I recently cut 7 inches off. Still feels so short haha

    Thanks for linking up with MMG :)