My Word For 2017 + 7 Things I Plan To Accomplish This Year

Happy, Happy New Year!

I hope you don’t mind my getting right to it and stating that I, Setarra Kennedy, wholeheartedly believe that 2017 is going to my/our year.

I’m saying it now, saying it out loud and owning it.

This year, I will turn 30.

This year, I will finally be done with grad school.

This year, my blog will turn 5.

This year, Charles and I have a pretty loaded year full of travel.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Basically, this year… Is going to be a good year.

And I’m going to keep on saying that until it manifests itself into reality.

Speaking of which, my word for 2017? Is…


Because this year, I’m going to manifest all the things I’ve been working on manifesting since forever. The only difference is that this year, I’m going to get out of my own damn way and give myself free reign to just DO and share my shine without worrying about what other people may think.

With that said, below is a list I made of:

7 Things I’m Going To Manifest This Year :)

1) Complete my internship requirement, present my capstone (thesis) and graduate with my freaking Master’s in Arts Management this spring. Ya’ll, I’m almost there!

2) Get my dance groove on. <– I’m going to start taking classes and training with no expectation except to simply have fun.

3) Whether it be with a community service or arts organization, I’m going to volunteer quarterly (at least 4 times) this year because the “season of giving” shouldn’t be exclusive to the winter holidays. I believe it should be a year-round focus and this year, I’m going to lead by example and do what I say.

4) Create a more efficient content creation process for myself that makes it easier to blog consistently while juggling other personal goals and responsibilities. <– Figuring this out will save me a whole lotta time, stress and sleep because whenever I get super busy or overwhelmed, blogging is always the first thing to go.

5) Get a new job after I graduate – preferably working in the performing arts field. And also seriously consider (here’s a scary yet exciting thought) exploring/creating opportunities that will allow me to work for myself.

6) Go on a “Black and Yellow Date Night” once a month. <– Because hanging out on the couch is not a date lol. This is about “intentional dating” and purposefully taking the time out to recognize and appreciate the connection Charles and I have as partners in life. Our focus is not necessarily about going on “fancy, expensive dates”, it’s about being creative and thoughtful. Once a month shouldn’t be too hard.

7) Take care of myself. <– I’ve gained 30 lbs over 3 years. It’s been 2+ years since I got my eyes checked. I stuff myself with junk/processed food to help cope with stress… It’s really bad and it’s because I have a hard time making myself a priority in midst of all the other hats I wear/juggle. Like a real priority.  I can’t continue to sacrifice my mental and physical health and well-being in pursuit of my goals. As such, this year I’m going to focus on what I need to do for myself so I can be the best me that I can be.

Before I close out, I feel that it’s necessary to confess that behind the big hurrah of today’s post, I’m anxious AF about 2017. I tend to fall into a deep pit of overthinking and becoming frozen with fear when I consider everything I want to accomplish and the possibility of failure. Sometimes so frozen that I literally don’t do anything which goes completely against my goal to “manifest” and it’s a major mental barrier I want to overcome this year.

I share this in case any of you can relate with the hope that we can rally behind each other in support as we pursue our goals this year.

When in doubt always remember that “we can do this, we will do this, we’re all bad bitches” orrrrrrrrrrr bad turtles. <- for those of you who might not appreciate my usage of “bitches”. Cough, cough Gramma. She’s my blog’s biggest fan so I gotta make a little compromise lol.

I chose “turtle” because you know that saying, “slow and steady wins the race”? Well, that’s how I’m approaching this year…

I see 2017 as being the race/marathon and I am the runner.

There’s no need to sprint. My goal is simply to find my stride and stick to it. I’m not going to worry about the people in front of or behind me. Doesn’t matter if I fall down as long I get back up each and every time I fall. And it especially doesn’t matter if I come in 1st place or last, as long as I cross the finish line because I’m doing this for me.

“She knew where she wanted to go and came to trust that steps, rather than speed, were the way she wanted to get there.” – author unknown

What do you plan to manifest this year?

P.S. My girl, Lmya, suggested that I write down everything I want to leave in 2016 and burn that ish up. As such, the last few photos in today’s post are of me doing just that. Feel free to take this idea and use it for yourself. Just make sure to have a glass of water on standby for safety’s sake. ;)
P.P.S. I updated my “about page” for the first time in a long time. It took a while to draft up but I put together an “about page” that I feel better reflects who I am and what you can expect to see on this blog. I would love for you to check it out here and let me know what you think!

  • Love this! It really will be a great year with all of those upcoming exciting events :) Happy 2017, I’ll be following along with it all ;)

    • Thanks Marcella! I’m really excited about this year :D

  • Can we scream about how much I freaking love this post?! Ok, where do I start.
    1) Manifest is an AMAZING theme choice and I support it one million percent. Manifesting is my favorite thing to do. It’s why I’m a big fan of vision boards. Seriously, I could talk about this topic for hours.
    2) The 2016 release list… and burning it? Hell to the MF yes! I do this in accordance with the moon cycle, personally. Full moons are for releasing, new moons for calling in. I haven’t done it in a while (life got busy, etc.) but it leaves me feeling very connected when I do it.
    3) Where is your journal from?! It looks awesome!
    4) I wish all the amazing things for you and Charles in this new year (and beyond)!

    • 1) So I’ve never actually created a vision board before but I may need to give this a try.
      2) And moon cycles? Tell me more, tell me more!
      3) It’s an ink and volt planner. I went back and forth between that and the passion planner but decided on the ink and volt based on how it breaks down scheduling.
      4) Thank you Michael!!! Wishing all amazing things for you this year too!

  • Great word for 2017. I fully believe in the power of speaking things into existence, so claim it, girl!

    Also, if you come up with a content creation system that works for you, please let me know! Half the time I’m blogging into the wee hours of the night, or super early at the office before I start my work for the day. There has to be a better way!

    • OMG, I’ve been the same way with blogging late at night but this year we need to get some more sleep lol. I haven’t nailed down an exact system that works for me yet but I have been watching few free webinars about it to get an idea on where to begin. So far, I created a super basic excel editorial calendar which has helped with mind mapping and knowing what posts to prep for each week ahead of time. Will def let you know if I find something that works. xo

  • Whitney

    Almost 5 years in and I still don’t have an updated About Me page. Whoops.
    I also really like the idea of making a list of things I’m leaving behind in 2016 and burning it. YES.
    Its funny how turning the corner into our 30s has me thinking about how poorly I’ve taken care of myself. I’ve gained weight as well, My eyes haven’t been checked in 2 year…no clue when I last had a yearly check up. Seeing my mom SO terribly sick over the holidays was a wakeup call. I’m not a teenager anymore. I don’t want Leila worrying about my mortality in 30 years. I need to do better. Anyway love the post as usual girl.

    • Lol, it’s been almost 3 years since I updated my bio. And yes, we gotta take better care of ourselves this year Whitney! It really does come down making ourselves a priority and not feeling guilty about it. Sending positive vibes your way for the new year! xo