Never Give Up On Your Daydream

I posted this photo on Instagram yesterday but wanted to also share on the blog this sneak peek from yesterday’s engagement shoot with my close friends, Don & Tia, who are getting married in November.

Both Don and Tia have a love for street art and vinyl records (they own a record player and have a growing vinyl collection) so I chose locations in D.C. that fit with both sides of their artistic personalities. We spent the morning at Union Market in D.C. taking advantage of a new heart-filled mural that was recently commissioned for the building as our backdrop. Afterwards, we grabbed breakfast and then made our way over to Som Records on 14th St. for the second part of our shoot.

Charles and my little sister, Gigi, also tagged along which was awesome in that I got to share this experience with them. Overall, it was a fun day spent capturing moments of love with people I love.

And it was also a day that got me thinking about turning this side hobby/hustle into something more serious. I really do enjoy photography. Images trigger memories and feelings and being able to capture those images for other people to appreciate and cherish makes me happy.

But… I also have dreams of working for a non-profit arts organization in marketing or special events and I also have dreams of turning this blog into a full-time gig (without compromising my personal reasons for blogging = tricky).

Add in wanting to be a mom to at least two kids in the near future and I’m immediately overwhelmed by all my dreams and figuring out how I’m going to make them all come true without going crazy.

Sometimes I feel like a caged animal… Sitting behind the bars of grad school, waiting to graduate so I can finally be free to quit my job (a desk job that pays for school – I don’t love it but it pays for school so I’m stuck until I graduate) and pursue a career that actually makes me happy.

Until then, I just need to focus on finishing up with school and getting my damn master’s degree. I’ve got two more semesters to go ya’ll. I’m sooo close.

In the meantime, my daydreams are forced to linger in the background until I’m able to move them up the priority list.

Just gotta take it one day at a time, one foot in front of the other. Patience is virtue and breathing is key.

I can do this. I will do this. I’m a bad bitch.

I’m sure I’m not the only person feeling torn between reality and their dreams so I guess this post serves as a little reminder to never give up on your daydreams my friends. Never give up.

 We can do this. We will do this. We’re all bad bitches.

  • I can so relate to this post! Thats something i’m battling with myself. I would love for my blog to be a full time gig but I don’t wanna sacrifice my personal reasons either so it is definitely tricky.

    But i’m sure these pictures turned out great for sure! I gotta make my way to DC, the hashtag #acreativeDC got me like yea I gotta become apart of the community lol. I follow a lot of other creatives that I’m just now starting to realize they are from DC

    • I love DC! I’m trying to make my way there also!

      • Haha! Yes!

      • That makes two of us. I’ll be there actually in May for a wedding!

    • You know what’s funny is that as I was writing this post, you actually crossed my mind since I know you’re also juggling school and work all while trying to make your dreams a reality :) And yes, D.C. has a strong creative community that alot of people aren’t aware of because they think D.C. is all about politics.

      P.S. Holla at me if you have any questions about the blog transfer process :) xo

      • Yea that’s what I thought at first but the last two times I went there I was like yea this is nothing like I thought it was lol. I’ll actually be up there in May for a wedding. Tis the wedding season and looks like I’m traveling without even realizing it lol.

        Oh yes I do need help in blog transfer process. I’m actually gonna play around with wordpress again today since I have some down time.

        • Ooooh, if you have any free time during your visit in May – hit me up! If our schedules connect, I would love to meet in person even if briefly over a cup of tea or coffee :)

          • Oh most definitely. Me and my mom just finalized the plans Thursday. So we flying from here Friday on the 6th and leaving Monday on 9th to head back. Our hotel and everything wedding wise is in Maryland so idk how far that is from DC it’s self but I don’t mind catching a uber lol if it’s cheap

  • I just started working on a post that I’ll publish in April on my birthday. I feel the exact same way. What I have learned is that things happen in time. You can not rush your destiny. Your photography is amazing as well, keep working towards that. Two semesters will happen before you know it and you can walk away from that boring job! But all in time. You GOT this!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement Amanda Nicole! I really appreciate the support! Also, do you go by just Amanda or Amanda Nicole?

  • Yes! You can and will do this. I love this: Patience is virtue and breathing is key. :). It’ll all be worth it when it comes together (which is will!).

    • Thank you Liz! And yes, having patience and remembering to breathe are sooo key to staying the path. xo

  • I’m so so happy to hear this!! could not agree more. love this and YOU!

    • Thanks Helene! I appreciated the support! xo

  • Absolutely perfect.

  • Whitney

    I totally understand this. I love the field I work in, but some days feel less than passionate about my day to day. Then I wonder…could I really pay the bills with my passions. Will I be able to have the lifestyle I want/want for Boomer. Do I want more kids? Do I want to travel? I feel like my dreams and priorities are constantly shifting and changing so I think its amazing that you know what you what your dreams and goals are right now.

    • There is never a day that goes by where I don’t think about what I want to do with my life. And every day, it’s a little different. But what I do always pay attention to are the thoughts or dreams that keep reoccurring in my mind. If if keeps popping up then I take it as a sign that it’s something I should do.