Hello there! Guess who’s back with a whole new blog name?!?!

Just like her predecessor, “Quaintrelle” has gone to spend the rest of her years at an all-inclusive beach side retirement resort. What’s left of the blog is simply me, myself and I – no fancy name to hide behind, just me. Setarra. Hence the decision to change my blog’s name to :)

In addition to changing the name, I’m sure you can see that the blog has also gone through a complete makeover! Shout out to Phil over at Pipdig for helping move my content over from Blogger to WordPress (yep, I made the move!) and to Serena of Pretty Wild Things for working with me to create a new blog header (that I love)! There are still a few formatting issues I need to correct with my old blog posts but overall, I feel like everything is headed in the right direction.

As far as content goes, you can still expect to see posts about life, travel, and food with regular appearances of the hubster, Charles. Everything about the blog is pretty much staying the same except for the fact that it’s now operating under a new name.

Same goes with all my social media handles. The majority of them are staying the same except for my Facebook page which I had to re-create so make sure to “like” the page if you prefer to get blog updates via Facebook. As for Bloglovin, I’ve sent them a couple emails asking for assistance in moving over those of you who are following via the “Quaintrelle” bloglovin page over to the new Setarra bloglovin page. So that should (hopefully) be resolved soon. In the meantime, feel free to follow the new bloglovin page here.

Now that I’ve got all the pertinent information out of the way… I thought it might cool to try something different and record a podcast (my first ever!) letting you know how to correctly pronounce my name seeing as it is now the name of my blog too.

Please note that this is my first foray into public speaking (I did it all in one recording and wasn’t as prepared as I should’ve been with what I wanted to say beforehand) so please excuse all of my “ummms” and variances of voice pitch as you listen along below. I should probably consider joining the Toastmasters group that meets bi-weekly at my job but I’ll leave that for another day to consider haha. Hope you enjoy the recording!

And there you have it. How to pronounce my name… Hope I didn’t scare you away with my rambling.

I always find it so interesting to hear a blogger’s voice for the first time after I’ve been following their blog for a while. For those of you who are hearing my voice for the first time, what do you think? Does it fit with the voice you had in your head while reading the blog? Let me know in the comments below :)

On that note, I’ve got a bunch of new posts coming your way and here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come next week!

getting ready wedding photos

^^ Charles and I celebrated our one year anniversary earlier this month on July 7th and I think the timing is perfect for us to finally share the photos from our wedding day on the blog (along with other few other ‘love’ related posts in support). Travel and food related posts to come the following week for those of you who would like to avoid the nauseating mushiness associated with next week’s ‘wedding theme’. ;)

Wishing you a Happy Thursday, Almost Friday! Peace.


  • SimplyEvani

    Okay you have an ADORABLE voice! Haha I never realized how strange it is to have an idea of what someone’s voice is until this post. But I LOVE your voice. Honestly, disney voiceover status. I hate mine. And hilarious too because I always thought it’d be nice to inform people of how to say my name too! Haha anyways, happy blog revamping and although I don’t read many blogs anymore, I’ll be following via FB for sure!!! <3

    • Thanks Evani!!! (hand covering eyes emoji) While I definitely don’t think I have disney voiceover status, I’ll take it anyways :) And I feel like anyone who didn’t grow up a fairly common name has gone through the same thing of having to hear their name get mis-pronounced all the time and THEN having to decided whether you really want to take the time to correct them or just let it roll so you can get on with business haha. Hope all is well with you and the hubby on the west coast! <3

  • Yay!!!! You’re back! You have a nice voice btw. Happy late anniversary to you guys!

    • Thanks Darianne!!! It feels great to be back :)

  • Love the new design and I love the personal touch of using your own name too, same routine I took and I feel way more confident with where my blog is going.

    • Thanks Valla!!! You are dead on with that description of feeling more confident about blogging since making the change because that’s exactly how I feel. I went to check out your blog and I’m loving your re-brand as well! I love how you designed the categories section on your sidebar! It’s super clean. And also, your curls are gorgrous :)



    • LOL Disa! I just read your comment out loud in my loud voice and it made laugh. Also, feel free to COME ON OVER TO THE DARK SIDE OF WORDPRESS annnnnytime. ;) I had gone back and forth about whether to move to squarespace or wordpress but considering the fact that this whole rebrand was about me taking full ownership of my blog, wordpress made the most sense.

      smooches back*

  • You know what’s funny, to me at least? I feel like this should have been an ‘obvious’ blog name all along. Your name is so original to me that it just fits perfectly. I really like the new look! Also, and totally off subject, loving that bed spread!

    • Lol girl, you and me both on the fact that this should’ve bee the blog’s name alll along lol. I’ve owned since 2012 but was too much of a punk to actually associate my name with the blog when I started it. You live and you learn I guess, it only took me 3 years to figure it out lol. And the bed spread is from urban outfitters! I love it because it’s light enough that I can sleep with it on in the summer heat. :)

      • Aww! But you’re all set now, that’s what matters!

  • this looks so great! so excited for you!

    • Thanks Helene! I’m really happy I decided to just go for it and do the re-brand. It feels so much better to me :)

  • Zoe

    Hey Setarra :D

    First of all, I am love love loving the new blog design – I know how hard it can be to switch over (was thinking about doing so for a while, but gave up on the idea), and I think you have nailed it!

    And secondly, I am quietly fist-pumping a victory to myself – I got your name right on the first ever try (way back when I started reading)!!! It is a lovely name, and a good one for a unique blog such as yours. I am now heading off to read all your new posts ;).

    xX Zoe |

    • Zoe! Hey girl hey! Thank you, it took a while to figure out but I really am happy with how the new design turned out. And you go girl! Not many people can pronounce my name correctly on the first try sooooo major kudos to you! I knew there was a reason I liked you ;)