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Yesterday was Molly’s birthday and all the cousins from my Cambodian side of the family got together for dinner to celebrate her special day last night! This was my first time seeing everyone together in one setting since I’ve moved back to the area and it was great getting caught up on everything that’s been going on! It felt as if no time had passed at all :)

Family… I’ve run into many mixed people who can only relate to only one cultural side of their mixed family… And because of that, I feel especially fortunate to have strong relationships within each of the 3 branches of my diverse family makeup… I grew up spending my summers in Maine with my French Canadian side of the family and spent an equal amount of time living with my Cambodian mom (who lives in Chicago) and my mixed American dad (who lives in D.C.). It wasn’t always easy for me, especially as a young girl growing up who just wanted to fit in. There were moments when I wondered if I was black enough, white enough or asian enough to join/be apart of certain social settings but I eventually came to the realization that who I was inside was more important than what I looked like on the outside. I am the product of a colorblind love and I couldn’t be more proud of my mixed heritage and family. In the words of my grandmother, “There are different cultures but there is only one race: human.”

With that said, I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


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