NYE 2015 Pajama Jam Party

For the past couple of years, Charles and I have gone full out for New Years Eve whether separately or together… You know the deal: A night out at a hotel, restaurant, or boat where we are all decked out in our fancy clothes and shoes, with the usual usual suspect, an open bar. Oh yes, we have many fond and fuzzy memories when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations of the past haha. But this year, we wanted to do something different… We wanted to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a major emphasis on doing something super low key and nothing describes low key better than going to an NYE Pajama Jam Party at our friend’s place that is less than 10 minutes away from ours. Score!

Location: Our friend, Thomas’s apartment complex. He was able to reserve its communal party area just for our crew. Turnout: 11 Fun Friends. Grub: Thomas’s girlfriend, Rachel, whipped up some yummy tiny bites. Turn Up: Beer, a bottle Fireball and Champagne, A deck of cards, and a super fun photobooth area Charles and I put together at the last minute.

^^ If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I lovvvve ‘hand me downs’. It’s so much fun to try and breathe new life into old pieces of clothing. So when Charles’s mom gifted me with one of her nightgowns that had been sitting storage for Christmas, I knew I had wear it for the pajama party. It was so warm, comfortable and most importantly, swaggy.
^^ Rachel made these bomb oreo brownies!
^^ Had to come back for a zoomed in shot… Nomnomnom.
^^ We went around the circle and shared our high and low moment of 2014. My low moment: feeling frustrated that I’m not making as much money as I would like at my job (working on changing that for 2015). High moment: Getting married to Charles and going to Europe of course! Overall, a truly blessed year!
^^ Cheers To Everything 2014 Was & Everything 2015 Will Be!


Let The NYE Photobooth Photo Dump Begin…

^^ Lemme Me See Your Oreo Grillllll #blingbling

^^ The Motley Crew

As can you tell from the photos and gifs above (I may have gone a little crazy with the gifs haha), the photobooth was a huge success and very simple to make. Charles and I went to the Dollar Store to get all the props, we taped a festive plastic table cover on a wall, set up my camera on a tripod and Voila! Photobooth in less than 5 minutes. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of friends to ring in the New Year with :) #newyearnewus 

How did you celebrate NYE this year? Full out, low key or somewhere in the middle?

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  • this is the best idea! I love that y'all were so comfortable- and the pics are awesome!

  • Excellent post!! Literally LOLd at the video. And such a fun photobooth idea!

  • Your New Years Eve looked amazing. I spent mind on the couch with my computer lol. On another note, I LOOOOOVE the new layout! As well as your sidebar pic – hottie alert!