October & A Bit Of November Life Happening


1) In case you missed my post about it, I got braces.

Yes, you heard right. Braces at the ripe age of 29… So sexy/nerdy, I know. Since I’m trying to get over being self-conscious about wearing them, here’s a rough a$$ no-make up selfie of me right after my orthodontist put them on to seal the deal. Things can only get better from here, right?

2) I’m done with Fall semester of grad school classes!

You guys, I only have ONE semester left! Can’t wait to finally graduate next Spring!!! Working full-time and going to grad school part-time has been a 3 year process but I’m almost there. It feels a little surreal just thinking about this chapter finally coming to a close soon.

3) Charles’s celebrated his 30th birthday.

He didn’t want to do anything too big so we invited friends over for a little house party. It was simply perfect.

4) He Who Must Not Be Name was elected President of the United States…

I refuse to say his name on this blog because the man doesn’t need any more publicity than he already has. In addition to writing this post, I thought this SNL skit in response to the election was pretty on point. It’s a “comedic” perspective Charles and I can relate to. Also, so happy to see Dave Chappelle back in the limelight. His opening monologue really set the tone for what I thought was a pretty solid SNL show.

5) We traveled to the Pacific Northwest and spent 4 days exploring as much of Seattle as we could.

Crazy to think that this was our only trip somewhere together for 2016 especially when you compare this year to how much traveling we did last year.

But it’s all good because we plan on making up for it a bit in 2017. An unexpected opportunity popped up for us to go on an international trip next March and two more domestic trips are planned for April and July. To say we’re excited would be an understatement.

6) In an effort to make some extra money and cross off a life to-do list (don’t judge), I’ve been applying for various Santa Claus Helper/Photobooth jobs in the area. 

Will I get hired to work as a legit dressed up in costume Santa Helper or as the photographer who takes pictures of families in the Santa Claus photo booth? I’ll keep you posted. Cross your fingers for me!

img_0203.jpg^^ From Left To Right: Tia, Camesha, Peach and some girl that looks like me ;) Love My Gotti Girls <3


^^ Don & Tia

img_0210-1.jpgimg_5902.jpgimg_0211.jpg img_0212.jpg

^^Wedding Day Prep

img_6199.jpgimg_0215.jpg img_0213.jpg img_6148.jpgimg_0214.jpg img_6099.jpg

7) My friends, Tia and Don, finally tied the knot.

We celebrated hard with a whirlwind 24 hour bridal shower and bachelorette party bus extravaganza in D.C. that ended at the Lincoln Memorial a week before the big day.

But nothing compared to their actual wedding.

The ceremony was beyond emotional in the best way possible. And for the reception, we partied and danced the night away. Such a great day with great friends. Hashtag biker shuffle all day errry day. Love my tribe.

How’s life happening on your side of the online world?

Wishing you a happy Friday and wonderful weekend filled with positive people, food and vibes!

  • lol @ “he who shall not be named” I can so agree he has gotten way more publicity and I too won’t contribute anymore to it either. Still in shock tip this day.

    And you still look amazing with your braces! Like i said i’ll be a brace face right along wth you come next year lol.

    • Yes, it is still hard to believe that this is our reality right now. So crazy.

      And thank you Valla! They’re starting to grow on me – 1 month down, 14 more to go haha.