I Was A Ghostbuster In My Previous Life

Welp … Here goes another graveyard post from yours truly. As I mention in a previous post,  I have this thing for walking around graveyards and reading tombstones. Some may find it weird … I find it intriguing.

The Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, VA was a pleasant surprise when Charles and I stopped by. Historically, Lynchburg served as a supply and hospital center for the Confederate Army during the Civil War and was lucky to avoid the destruction most Virginia cities experienced during this time. When walking around the cemetery, we came across a section dedicated to the Confederate soldiers who passed during the war and another section dedicated to Lucy Mina Otey and the Ladies Relief Hospital.

Despite the fact that history ties this cemetery with Confederate loyalties, I thought it was super interesting that the Old City Cemetery was the only burial ground in Lynchburg open to African Americans until 1885, and that three-quarters of all those buried in the Cemetery, from 1806 to the present, are African-American. But enough with the history lesson… Below are some pics I took while strolling along through cemetery on beautiful spring day. Enjoy :)

And since we’re on the subject of cemeteries… One day I would love to visit the Pere-Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. You know … A typical romantic stroll through the city of love haha.
xo, Setarra
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  • Such a pretty place!

  • I'm glad you gave me the little history lesson! That's why I love visiting these places…the stories and history behind them are so interesting to me!

  • These are really pretty places! I love the history behind such places too. Thanks for sharing xo

  • You take the most beautiful photos at a cemetery! Lol and your really might've been a ghostbuster. I can't bring myself to go anywhere near cemeteries, they make me too sad.

  • Okay, that is the prettiest cemetery!! I live in a small, old town and I bet our cemetery would be pretty interesting to walk around in! We'll have to go! Makes for an interesting date, right?!

  • IT's beautiful.