One Year Anniversary By The Hour

When we announced our nuptials, Charles and I had a few people ask us why we eloped. There were a couple different reasons that influenced this decision but our main reason for eloping goes a little something like this:

With regards to marriage, we wanted to place more of an emphasis on celebrating the anniversaries than the actual wedding ceremony itself. For us, the wedding ceremony is/was just one day out of our commitment towards forever. We’d rather go full out in celebrating the milestones that signify a progression towards that ideal.

Basically, instead of investing our time, money and stress into planning a wedding… We decided we’re going to invest our time, money and stress into making our relationship work for the long run and each passing anniversary will be celebrated in recognition of how far we’ve come and how much more farther we have to go as a couple. Simple as that.

Speaking of anniversaries… As some of you may or may not know, in the 7 years that Charles and I were dating, we never celebrated an anniversary (more on that story here). As such, we were really excited to finally have an actual date to celebrate every year after getting married.

With that said, I present to you: How we celebrated our one year anniversary by the hour (errrr sometimes half hour).


Date: Tuesday (7.7.15)

6:00 AM: Our bedside clock’s alarm goes off, I hit snooze.

7:00 AM: My phone’s alarm goes off, I hit snooze, roll over to nudge Charles and say with my stinky morning breath, “Wake up babe. It’s our mocha frapping anniversary!” He opens his eyes, looks at me, says “Happy Anniversary” only to roll over and go back to sleep.

7:30 AM: We’re both finally up and out of bed.


^^ 8:00 AM: Getting ready in the bathroom. We had taken the day off from work to go play resident tourist in D.C. for our special day.

N7P3nS8j6e4T4Oeq.jpg one-year-anniversary.jpg one-year-anniversary.jpg

^^ 9:00 AM: On the metro, headed downtown to the National Mall.

washington monument dc

^^ 9:30 AM: Perched in front of the Washington Monument. We had hoped to miraculously show up and grab some on call tickets to catch the view from the Top of the Monument… But all the admission tickets for the day were already sold out. Next time, we’ll reserve them in advance. The photo above is proof of our sorry attempt.

VSLEYMN46SC9161P.jpgaqTlCdQAkyIhCIM4.jpg PDrYdBtHagAE38b7.jpg

^^ 10:00 AM: Cleaned our plates at Lincoln’s Waffle House because we were starving. This was my second time there (you can read about that experience here) and Charles’s first time. His verdict? “Slammin.”

CyjAFdbOy9JvmakK.jpg JPnLtHviFsLEWvTP.jpg

^^ 10:30 AM: Basking in the beauty of the Library of Congress. We took soo many photos of this stunning work of architecture that I think it deserves it’s own post.

YSNvAoo4zGaHYz0O.jpg us capital building tour

^^ 12:00 PM: Getting ready to take a tour of the United States Capitol Building! You better believe I also plan to recap this building in a separate post haha.

supreme court dc supreme court dc

^^ 1:00 PM: Checking out the Supreme Court while on our way back to the metro. #lovewins

tequila grandetequila grande power hour special

^^ 2:30 PM: Arriving at Tequila Grande for what was to be an interesting couple of hours. Monday- Friday, Tequila Grande has an awesome power hour special that includes $1 tacos and $2.50 shots of tequila. Our goal was to take 7 shots of tequila in honor of getting married on 7.7.14 after 7 years of togetherness.

^^ 3:00 PM: 2 shots down. 5 more to go with lots of love for our tacos to help absorb the alcohol.

SadvCEDULsp53C4B.jpg PoLPPVLGGjwFRAHK.jpgc5bKrtmjIalLuJ1G.jpg

^^ 3:30 PM: Still going strong.

^^ 4:00 PM: Charles and I (thankfully) decided to split the last 3 shots in half between the 2 of us. Our poor waiter… He kept on giving us funny looks every time we asked him to bring another round out. When we finally explained to him what we were doing, he chuckled and said “Ooooh then you need more chips & salsa, tacos and water. I’ll be right back.” 3 minutes later, we had a 3rd tray of steaming crispy tacos and a basket of tortilla chip with salsa placed before us. So clutch.

^^ 4:30 PM: Playing rock, paper, scissors to see who would get the last shot. Of course, I lost and had take the shot. But we did it!

7 shots.

3 trays filled with 6 tacos (equating to 18 tacos devoured between the two of us – in our defense, they were small)

Lord knows how many baskets of chips & salsa.

4 glasses of water

And 4 trips to the bathroom for me (I broke the seal waaaay too soon).

Our mission was complete.

tequila grande vienna va^^ 5:00 PM: One more basket of chips & salsa devoured and an extra glass of water guzzled, we were finally ready to head home. But not before taking one “trophy” pic with my shot glasses.

^^ 5:30 PM: Home and done for the day, as in asleep. Zonked out. Blame it on the Tequi.

And also, I may have drunk called my best friend, Noelle… Not quite sure what was said but she made sure to remind me of it a couple days later when we touched base haha. Love you Nono ;)

6:30 PM: Still asleep.

7:30 PM: I’m awake and head to Safeway to grab some cake and ice cream because what’s an anniversary without dessert?

one year anniversary cake confetti cake one year anniversary cake

^^ 8:00 PM:  Cutting cake. Nomnomnom.


^^ 9:00 PM -ish: Back to bed.

And that, my friends, is how we celebrated our one year anniversary by the hour (or half hour). I think we’re going to make it a tradition to always take off from work each year to celebrate our anniversary. As for our idea of taking 7 shots of tequila and making that an annual tradition too? I’m pretty sure that part will get revised.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for reading along! Hope you didn’t gag too much from the mushiness of this week’s wedding/anniversary series. ;) Wishing you a happy Friday!

P.S. If you missed previous posts, you can catch up on part 1 here and part 2 here.

  • 7 shots oh yeah. Haha, rock paper scissors, if that was nikki and I , it would just be me taking the shot. Those tacos tho.

    • I’m still not sure why we decided to do 7 shots but once we agree on something, we always follow through because we’re both really stubborn & competitive (a deadly combo haha). And yes, the tacos were so good!

  • Deborah Holmes

    This is such a cute post!! Happy Anni to you and both!

  • I love this post! I’m all for taking off for marriage anniversary…. that’s for whenever I do get married

    • Yes, we’ve decided our anniversary is pretty much another “holiday” so we’re always going to take off each year haha!

  • You two are the cutest! When does the cherry blossom stuff take place?? I’m putting it on my calendar and I am planning this damn visit. Procrastination and money be damned!

    • Cherry Blossom happens in the Spring! So you have a bit of time to save up for a trip down this way! I think you’ll love visiting down here!

  • Happy anniversary!!! Lol I’m late but this was so cute, I had to put my two cents into the collection plate. You two are my kind of couple. I love the way you emphasize making memories of the present count toward the future versus spending hella money on things that truly don’t matter at the end of the day, especially when and where there’s love. Your day seemed amazing. I can’t wait to see the ones that follow <3

    • Thank you Sheriden! Your words of support mean so much!