Self Portrait Sunday // Pack Me In Your Suitcase Boo


You guys, Charles is leaving me tomorrow… For London. Can you imagine the nerve? To travel to London without me?!?!

If you’re wondering, Yes. I am most definitely green with jealousy. London was supposed to be our next destination. A city we had both never been to before, a place we planned on traveling to for the first time together

Alas, the hubby was blessed with an awesome opportunity to travel there for work, all expenses paid. Unfortunately, I’ve used up most of my vacation days and need to save what little paid leave I do have left for our trip to Mexico in December which means I won’t be tagging along.

All jokes aside, I’m really excited for him to go to London. Just bummed I can’t come too.

But don’t worry, I’ve given Charles a list of places to visit in his downtime when he’s in London and will be sharing photos from his trip on the bloggity when he comes back. :)


It’s crazy… Because even though he hasn’t left yet, I already miss him. If only you could pack me in your suitcase Charles… If only.

  • Cutest picture ever. Too bad you both can’t go together!

    • Thanks Rachel! Soooo wishing I could go but this just means Charles will be able to show me around London when we finally DO go together :)

  • Megan

    Ahhhhh I would be so bummed too but he’s going to love it. Just think, he can scope out the good spots and you can both go back later :)

    • Exactly Megan! That’s what I’m hoping will happen :)

  • Deborah Holmes

    These pictures are adorable!! I would feel the same if I was in your shoes. Have a safe trip Charles!

    • Thanks Deborah! I will forward on your well wishes to Charles. :)

  • Congrats to your hubs on an amazing opportunity, but I feel your pain. It’s always great when you can both experience a new place for the first time together. But there’s always Mexico in December – that sounds fun! Love the pics!

    • Oh yes, I really can’t complain since our trip Mexico is coming up soon haha. Thanks for stopping by Dana!

  • Have a great time Charles! Tell him to check out Smokestak (A Bajan friend of mine runs it) for amazing ribs & saucy barbecued meats!
    ps: ya look too cute in that suitcase :) Reminds me of my cat who used to hide in my suitcase as I was packing haha x

    • Thanks Malou! I wasn’t sure if I would even fit in the suitcase but it ended up working out for the photo haha. Just emailed on your link for Smokestak to Charles. Hopefully, he’ll be able to stop by. Thanks for the rec! :)

  • If this just isn’t the cutest blog post ever! I think you need to blog about being able to travel more and share some of your tips. I would love to know what other people do vs. what I’m doing and how I can maximize on saving every penny as much as possible.

    • Thanks Valla! You’re the second person to request a post like this and I’m on it! Hoping to have it up at the end of the year or first week in January :)

      • Yes! I will definitely be on the lookout for that post! Next year I’m claiming it to travel more even if it’s by myself.

  • I’ll be jealous right beside you! Of course I’m envious of the travels you guys have taken already anyway so it wouldn’t be anything new for me! I also may or may not be envious of the fact that you get to have the house to yourself for several days.

    • Haha yes girl, I am sooo enjoying quality alone time ;)

  • I would be so jelaous too!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Whitney

    I’m always trying to get someone to pack me in a suitcase!!! Crossing my fingers that my new job may actually involve expenses paid travel at some point…

    • Ahhhh I’m crossing my fingers for you too!