Party Like A Pirate On The D.C. Boomerang Pirate Ship :)

Ahoy! Buckos! I hope yer don’t mind if I catch yee up wit the past before we start discussin Europe! Today I’ve got a post full o’ sunsets and grog and pirates, oh my! A little over a full moon ago, my best mates and I set sail on the Boomerang Pirate Ship for a boozy sunset cruise down the Potomac River in D.C. and had a jolly good time! Scroll down to check out moments from our groggy evening or prepare to meet your doom and walk the plank!!! 

^^ Don, Tia, Peach, Me & A Squinty Pirate To My Right
^^ Pirates take selfies too :)
^^ Notice how we completely disregard the Monument & Lincoln Memorial behind us lol. #locals
^^ Limbo Time!
^^ As we were sailing, our ship made a pitstop for what we all believed to be a boozy re-up haha.
Could’ve been toilet paper but it was more fun to think that they were throwing liquor around for our sake.
^^ Essential Pirate Accessories
^^^ The Motley Crew <3

I don’t know about you but I have a slight obsession with anything pirate themed… I have no shame in admitting that I was one of those people who changed her Facebook language setting to “Pirate” and had her account set to that language for a good 2 years while in college (best 2 years of my “Facebook” life). So when I came across a Living Social deal for a discounted ride on The Boomerang Pirate Ship, I immediately hit up my friends and said, “Let’s do this!” Luckily for me, my friends are all about the pirate lifestyle as well haha.

The Boomerang Pirate Ship offers two different types of cruise rides to the public. During the day, they offer Family Fun Treasure Hunt Cruises and during the late afternoon and evening, they offer Adult Booze Cruises which is obviously the type of cruise we took. The Boomerang picks up right in front of the Georgetown Waterfront and sails the Potomac River providing views of various D.C. cityscape along the way. The location is perfect for those wanting to grab a bite to eat afterwards as well since there are so many restaurants right there in the Waterfront once you off board the ship. Whether you’re a D.C. tourist or local, I highly recommend reserving a ride on the Boomerang Pirate Ship for an experience that is everything but ordinary. Pirate costume optional but highly recommended :)

P.S. That Living Social Deal for the Boomerang… It’s still going on!!! That you can enjoy the Boomerang at a discounted rate obviously makes the experience even better so go grab your tickets now before the deal goes away!!! P.P.S. I am not being compensated by the Boomerang Pirate Ship or by Living Social for my review. I just love all things discounted, had a really good time and wanted to share my experience with you. Simple as that :)

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  • Looks likes so much fun and a great weather!

  • LOL @ Tia coming under the rope lool

  • At ECU we were the Pirates, so I'm with you on loving everything pirate themed! I love the #locals…haha! I guess you just get so used to the historical sites….but I am loving all your pictures!

  • This looks like it left from the Georgetown waterfront – jealous! I miss gtown and Seqouia is one of my favorite restaurants!

  • The skeleton is a bit scurry, lol. Great pictures dear. x

  • I swear you guys always do the most fun things….I want to go with yall next time!! Pirates and booze…sign me up!!! Ha!!

  • HOW FUN!!! I want to go!! lol

  • I have been wanting to go on this since I found out about it! I will definitely find a way to get back up to DC/Baltimore so I can!

  • looks like seriously fun times! that first photo made me laugh ;) x

  • What the heck? This looks awesome. The gifs are cool too.