Personal | Jason & Clem's Wedding!!!

The past 2 weddings I’ve been to this year were rained on at some point during the wedding day. In many cultures, rain is considered good luck since it symbolizes blessings, cleansings, unity, fertility, and/or a new day… And in Clem & Jason’s case, their wedding was super blessed because they took their wedding vows outside with the sound of raindrops playing the background.
I first met Clem 3 years ago at a New Years Party. Her husband to be, Jason, had been freshmen college roommates with my boyfriend and we really hit it off after the initial introduction. Coincidentally, Clem and I moved to the New York City area at the same time last year,
she from Paris and I from DC. In a city where it’s hard to meet new
people, we kind of latched on to each other as forms of moral support. So of course, I had to be there for her wedding when Clem told me that Jason had proposed. 
Coming back from a lavish 5 day wedding extravaganza in St. John; I found Clem & Jason’s wedding ceremony and reception delightfully simplistic and beautifully charming … It focused on the bride and groom and all the love in the room … All you need is Love … I could go on and on about this day but I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story … Enjoy!
The wedding ceremony took place in front of the courthouse in the historical section of town in Leesburg, Virginia.
Jason was planning on wearing white chucks for the wedding ceremony so Clem got pair for herself as well … But Jason didn’t find this out until later :)
 Clem & I.

Here comes the groom, Jason.
Charles & Jason
“Look at my shoes babe.”

Practicing her vows right before the ceremony…
You May Kiss the Bride …

Mr. & Mrs. Jason Hager!!!

Clem did not have bridesmaids but she did ask for her close girlfriends to wear navy blue.
Clem made the bouquet herself.


Charles and I squeezed in our own little photo session …
And back to your regular scheduled viewing …
After the wedding ceremony, we headed to the location for the reception. Jason’s good friend was the owner of the restaurant the reception was held at and set up the place real nice. We ate, drank and continued the celebrations until late in the evening. It was an awesome night filled with a cultural fusion between Clem’s French background and Jason’s American traditions.
Now this is how you arrive in style ;)
 The cutest cake ever …
DC <3 Paris
I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends who are great examples of relationships and the power of love…
Congratulations Clem & Jason!!!