Philadelphia Skyline From The Benjamin Franklin Bridge


One of my favorite things about living in Northern Virginia (and on the East Coast side of America in general) is that I’m centrally located between alot of different major cities.

D.C. is less than a 25 minute drive away.

Baltimore is 1 hour.

Richmond is 2 hours.

Philadelphia is 2 1/2 hours.

and NYC a 4 hour drive. 5 hours if there’s traffic, which there usually is.

As a result, it’s pretty convenient to go on a quick day-trip and be back home the same day should I choose to visit any of these cities.

Case in point: When Charles and I drove up to Philadelphia to visit our friends, Kiara and Samir for the Memorial holiday weekend. We left our place at around 10:30am and arrived at theirs around 1pm.

Philadelphia Skyline From The Benjamin Franklin Bridge

After catching up and hanging around the grill while Samir cooked up some hot dogs, burgers and kabobs, we all hopped into Kiara’s car and headed downtown for a quick visit to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge to snap a few photos in honor of her 27th birthday.

We lucked out and found a parking spot one block away from the bridge’s pedestrian entrance. Love it when that happens.


Kiara and I had hoped for clear skies and a colorful sunset for her photo session but Mother Nature had other plans. Storm clouds rolled through and it started to drizzle as we approached the walkway’s entrance. Despite the weather, we went on with the photo shoot and I must say, I’m so glad we did. There was something so exciting about shooting out in the elements.

Kiara was such a trooper in the rain and took direction from me for her poses really well. Also, I have to give a big shout out to both Samir and Charles who we made responsible for holding our umbrellas and purses and everything else in between.

Below are a few of my favorite photos from our session.


^^ I made Samir jump into a few of the shots :)


45 minutes later, the wind and rain picked up making my camera lens super splotchy with water so we called it quits and made our way back to the car.

Philadelphia-Skyline-Benjamin-Franklin-Bridge-SetarraPhiladelphia Skyline Benjamin Franklin Bridge

If you’re ever in Philadelphia, I highly recommend taking a walk along the Benjamin Franklin Bridge’s pedestrian path for what I think is the best view of the Philly skyline. Did I mention that access to this view is also FREE?

Hopefully next time we’re in City of Brotherly Love, the weather will be in better mood because I’ve heard that watching the sunset over the city from the bridge is breathtaking. Until then…


^^ Charles and I rarely get pictures together when we travel. Mostly selfies but not many full scale photos of us as a couple because I have a slight paranoia of giving my camera to a random stranger to take our picture and having them run off with it. As such, it was a treat to hand my camera to Kiara and have her snap this shot. Definitely gonna frame this one. Thanks Kiki!

Where do you like to go for best view of your city or town? 

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  • Beautiful couples all on my computer screen, i love it. I too feel uneasy about handing my camera off. Not because someone might run away with it, but because I’m a perfectionist, and nobody can get the photos to look the way *I* want it to look…

    • Haha, that is definitely another reason why I don’t give my camera away either. Because if they get it wrong, I will ask them to take it again and then physically place them and they’re hands where they need to be to take the photo which (according to Charles) is overextending the favor they’ve given me to take the photo in the first place lol.

  • I would certainly enjoy to live on the East Coast – preferably in a little town to have it quiet at home but within a short commute to the big cities whenever I feel like it! Gorgeous pictures of you! Philadelphia definitely seems like a stunning place!

    • Oh yes, I’m the same way. I totally prefer to live on the outskirts of a city. You get the best of both worlds that way. Wishing you a Happy Friday and wonderful weekend!

  • I must say that Philadelphia’s skyline looks pretty impressive even on a cloudy day :) Good job!

    I invite you to read my recent blog post :)

  • Well, if it is as romantic as you make it look than I am sold, I will love going to Philadelphia :) Loved this, thank you for linking up!

    • Walking the Ben Franklin Bridge is definitely a great romantic date night idea. And now that you put it that way, I guess we were on a double date to a certain extent haha. And yes! If you’ve never been to Philadelphia, I recommend visiting especially if you’re a fan of American History or the National Treasure movies.

  • I’ve been to Philadelphia many times but never to this bridge! It looks really lovely up there so I’ll definitely have to try it out! The pictures came out beautiful despite the weather also! I totally feel you with the paranoia about asking someone to take a picture too! I’ve missed so many photoops for fear that someone will run off with my phone hahah thanks for sharing!! :D

    • Thanks Lauren! And yes, definitely visit the bridge the next time you’re in Philly. It’s about 1.5 mile walk across one way, 3 miles total roundtrip so make sure to wear comfy shoes. :)

  • That’s amazing that you live so close to so many great cities! This bridge is beautiful, I am obsessed with the colour blue so would love a photo shoot there too ;) Your friends are very lucky to get such great photos from you :D

    • Thanks Marcella! I didn’t realize how blue the bridge was until I started editing the photos afterwards. And hit me up if you’re ever in the U.S. and want to shoot! Traveling and photography are my two favorite things to do. :)

  • I never knew everything was close by like and less then 6 hours for everything. Day trips are the best and wish I could take more of them but from Atlanta to go to places I really wanna go are 6+ lol

    Yes you are killing in these shoots. You gotta get you a 50 mm and a 24 mm as your next investment and both lens are under $160

    • Your comment couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I still use the standard lens I got with my Canon Rebel and just started researching to upgrade so thanks for these recommendations Valla! I had my eye on the 24mm and will also check out the 50mm now too. :)

      • Ha no problem. I say get both. the 24mm lens gives you the wide angle look just like a full frame and the 50mm is just a awesome all around lens to have for everything! You will not be disappointed. That’s all I shoot with is the 50 1.4 and I’m looking into getting the sigma 35mm art lens and a point and shoot for my vlog project I’m trying to plan and just to have a smaller camera on hand too.