Pho ‘N’ More – My Go To Soup Spot When Sick


I’ve always considered myself to have a pretty strong immune system but for some reason, I haven’t had the best of luck in the wellness department these past couple of months.

I think it might have something to do with how flip, floppy the weather has been – one day 35 degrees and the next, 78 degrees (no lie). On top of that, I sleep on the side of the bed that’s next to the window which just so happens to have a major draft problem.


In addition to these factors, I’m also the kind of sick person who refuses to take medicine unless its absolutely necessary. I prefer natural remedies, i.e. drinking lots of water and tea, flushing my nose with a good ol’ neti pot, eating ginger and sipping on soup.

pho-n-more-vienna-va-2.jpg pho-n-more-vienna-va-7.jpg

Most times, I’ll make my own soup at home but when I’m feeling indulgent, I like to treat myself and my sickness with a hot, steaming broth bowl of pho from Pho ‘N’ More in Vienna, VA. Since moving to the Northern Virginia area two years ago, this is the only restaurant I go to religiously for pho.

pho-n-more-vienna-va-6.jpg pho-n-more-vienna-va-8.jpg

I usually order the “Pho #1” from their menu which comes with all the meat offerings except for bible tripe – I always ask them to leave that out. I can’t get down with the rubbery/chewy texture of tripe. Bleh.

pho-n-more-vienna-va-5.jpg pho-n-more-vienna-va-9.jpg

Charles likes pho but he’s nowhere near obsessed with it as I am (it’s my #2 favorite soup of all  – #1 being my mom’s somlar machu, a Cambodian soup). Sometimes he’ll come with me to Pho N’ More when I’m craving it.

Most times, I’ve been known to go by myself, request a table for one and enjoy my soup in steamy silence because nothing beats a hot bowl of pho when I’m sick. Nothing.

What’s your favorite kind of soup to sip on when sick?


Pho ‘N’ More
144 Maple Ave. West
Vienna, VA 22180

  • Megan

    That looks so good! I’m not going to lie, good ol fashioned chicken and noodle is my favorite to beat a cold. But they have to be chunks of veggies and the big egg noodles. I hope you feel better!

    • Oooooh I’m not the biggest fan of chicken noodle soup but I can def get down with big egg noodles (LOVE egg noodles) haha. And thanks, I’m def feeling much better than how I was feeling when I wrote this post. Happy Friday!! xo

  • I’m a really, really huge fan of pho, but it never came to mind to use it to combat my sickness. It makes sense though because it’s light, flavorful but not overtly so, and it’s warm. I usually gravitate towards some really really bomb chicken noodle soup with parsley flakes. Parsley is a must. Feel better lover!

    • Oh yes, pho is soooo good to eat when you’re sick. Definitely worth giving a try next time you’re feeling under the weather. And while I do enjoy chicken noodle soup, I must confess that I’m not a big parsley fan haha! :) #teamcilantro

  • Love pho! I definitely can never finish a whole bowl by myself though! Hope you are feeling better :)

    • Oh yes, pho can be soooo filling! Sometimes, I’ll ask for a to-go container to take it home in if I can’t finish haha.