The Clearest Waters At Pillory Beach, Grand Turk


Oh man oh man oh man! Here we go! The LAST port of call on our Caribbean cruise: Grand Turk, the largest island of many that make up Turks & Caicos.

Beach bags in tow, Charles and I (along with our cousins, April & Jarrod) grabbed the first cab we could get, made a quick stop at a convenient store to grab a case of local beer and then, at the recommendation of our cab driver, made our way to Pillory Beach.

The drive from where the cruise was docked to Pillory Beach took less than 10 minutes and cost us $8 per person each way. When we arrived, we were soooooo glad we listened to our cab driver because… Because… I’ll just let the pictures do the talking. You have Charles to thank for taking these photos with our SLR camera while I was floating around, being a bad blogger… But I mean, can you blame me?

grand-turk-pillory-beach-setarra.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach-setarra.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach-setarra.jpg grand-turk-pillory-beach.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach-setarra.jpg ^^ Caught me picking my wedgie lolgrand-turk-pillory-beach.jpggrand-turk-pillory-beach-setarra.jpg

Seriously tho, the water at Pillory Beach was by far the clearest I had ever seen. We lucked out in that there weren’t alot of people at the beach and so floated around peacefully for almost 3 hours, sipping on the local Turks Head beer without a care in the world. I wish I had more photos to share from our time at Grand Turk but to be completely honest, since it was our last stop on the cruise, I was more focused on relaxing with no strings attached i.e. taking photos for this here bloggity.

It always happens like that… At the beginning of a trip, my fingers are trigger happy, clicking away with my camera to try and capture every single moment. But towards the end of the trip, my camera is usually no where to be found because I want to be fully present for the closing moments.

With that said, I think this stop at Pillory Beach, Grand Turk was the perfect way to close out our Caribbean adventure with Carnival Cruise. When we finally left the beach and made our way back to board the cruise ship, I got a little teary eyed while reflecting on what a wonderful week we had visiting the Bahamas, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and lastly, Grand Turk.


^^ Our last kiss in Grand Turk before boarding the ship to head back to Florida and ultimately, home.

For a girl who was skeptical about traveling by way of cruise, this trip made me a believer. Yes, we obviously didn’t have as much time to explore each country as we would’ve liked but it was a great way to visit a number of islands in a short amount of time. What was also great about our cruise trip was that we didn’t run ourselves ragged trying to see as much as possible like we usually do when traveling. Our cruise trip embodied the definition of ‘leisurely’ in the best way possible. Instead of coming back from our trip feeling exhausted and like we needed another vacation from our vacation, we came back feeling rested and ready to take on the rhythm of life back at home.

And so concludes our Caribbean cruise adventure… Thank you so much for following along as I continue to share my life’s happening moments. As sad as I am that this beach filled trip is now “really” over, I can’t help but feel just a little more excited to start working on recapping our Maine adventures next!

  • Whitney

    I want to take a cruise! So many of my friends have taken them and they look great. I was scared for a few years because I watched the Poseidon adventure…and Boomer couldn’t swim. I literally had panic attacks over the prospect of explaining to her how to hold her breath. Luckily she is now a fish…so maybe a spring break cruise is in our future! This trip looked so fun, and that beach is beautiful!!!

    • You and Boomer would have so much fun! Esp. now that she can swim, I’m sure she would really enjoy snorkeling! I think it would be such a great bonding experience for you two. :)

  • these posts have made me so jealous!! I’ve never been on a cruise before. maybe one day!

    • Go on a cruise Nicole! Especially with you being on the west coast, I’ve seen a couple Hawaiian cruise itineraries that visit a 3-4 different islands which sounds sooo amazing! And there are Alaskan cruises too!

  • That is definitely the clearest water I’ve ever seen too! I’m sold on getting my ass on a cruise soon because: Setarra’s posts lol. I TOTALLY get what you mean when you were saying you’re trigger happy with the camera in the beginning but towards the end, not so much because I am the same exact way when it comes to capturing my experiences. Excited about these Maine adventures up next! Ayyyye!

    • I think you and the Boo would have so much fun a cruise together especially since you went on your first trip together and survived haha. Traveling together is a great test for any relationship. If you travel well together it’s always a good sign. And I’m hoping to start recapping our Maine sometime next week or the week after! Sooooo many photos to edit :)

  • Just know when I go on my first cruise, I’m dedicating that post you so be on the look out lol. and I have to agree as well, this is the clearest water I have ever seen, just beautiful. I didn’t get a chance to make it to the beach this year but next year it’s on and popping =D

    • Haha! I will def be on the lookout for it! And yes, get your booty to the beach!