We Didn’t Lock Our Love Down At The Pont Des Arts Bridge…

Because we were cheap and had already locked down our love at the D.C. Courthouse... But mostly because we were cheap. That US dollar to Euro exchange is no joke right now and I was charged with making sure we stayed on budget for our trip so buying a 7 euro lock from one the vendors on the bridge was out of the question. However, despite not throwing a key over the bridge, we were definitely feeling the romantical vibe of the Pont Des Arts Bridge… Couples dispersed along the bridge, making out and/or dancing to the music of accordion players while artists worked on their paintings. It’s also quite possible that Charles and I might have been of those couples sucking face on the bridge at one point.. When in Paris, you either people watch or join in on the Fun and become one the people who get watched. 

^^ Please don’t judge my nails.. I meant to get a manicure before we went on our trip but with our last minute packing, I never got around to doing them so these were my nails for the first couple of days in France.. I eventually ended up scratching off the nail polish and left them au nat-u-ral for the rest of the trip. Long story short, who cares…

^^ Charles and the GoPro that was constantly attached to his shoulder. During our trip, I was in charge of taking pictures and he was in charge of capturing video footage. A Europe travel video is currently in the works thanks to that Go Pro :)

After the Pont Des Arts, Charles and I meandered in search of the Notre Dame, stopping along the way for lunch and a beer at a cool little perch under a whomping willow tree on the Ile de la Cite overlooking the Seine River…
^^ Cheers To Our First Day In Paris!
We finally made it to the Notre Dame Cathedral (we didn’t go inside because once again, we cheap out here lol) which marked the arrival of our friends who joined us for the rest of the afternoon to explore, eat and drink our way into the evening… Which is where we come to our stopping point for today’s post.
*P.S.* I feel like doing things a little different this week (since I’m all over the place) and want to let YOU DECIDE what you want to read about on Friday. You know.. Kind of like Goosebumps: The Choose Your Own Adventure Series… Anyways, you have 3 options: 1) I can continue talking about our first day in Paris 2) I can jump around and share some Postcards from Amsterdam orrrrr 3) I can share a post about our visit to La Boqueria in Barcelona. Your vote. Let me know in the comments below :)

Cheers & Have A Happy Hump Day!

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  • Cheapness is definitely a good reason to skip it. Seeing the bridge is definitely an amazing experience regardless! Hoping to get back there sometime before too long. Hope you're having an incredible time! x

  • You guys!!!! Ahhhhh, absolutely adorable…sucking face and all!! Ha!! And that couple dancing…melt my heart! This place is pure magic…what an experience!! I haven't even heard of this place until today. Another one added to my bucket list!

  • Yay for sucking face in Paris! I heard some parts of that fence are falling apart because the locks are getting so heavy, is that true? My vote is for an Amsterdam post. Xx

  • I vote Barcelona! or Amsterdam if it's a picture dump. :-)


  • I love these photos! You and your husband look so happy, what a way to start your trip in Paris :) Hope you're having a good time. I want to read more!

  • Awesomeeee! And I'm gonna vote for Barcelona!

  • You two are the cutest! It looks like a wonderful trip!
    I've always wanted to visit that bridge, it seems like such a sweet place to go :)

  • Paris was one of those places that didn't have me sold at first. It was incredibly hot the day we went, and I just couldn't see it. But then we took a boat tour of the river at sunset and saw all the beautiful people doing exactly what you did (lounging – living – on the side of the river) and I fell in love. I especially loved the "lock bridge"; even if you don't lock your love down, it's an amazing site to see. I hope you had a fantastic trip! It definitely sounds like you did :) And now you have those memories forever :) XOXO

  • you have the best pics! We did the same thing- no lock! haha!

  • how amazing! i love all the photographs. there's something similar in our city (soooo not as awesome as this) and a little store around the corner were selling the locks FOR TEN DOLLARS. wtf. no thanks, i'll just look.

    Vodka and Soda

  • yay paris! we went for the first time in april, and we didn't add a love lock either. but we enjoyed taking photos of them, of course.

  • Okay, I loved that you said the reason you didn't put a lock on was because you didn't want to spend the money. That's so what I would do–I'd visit there, but I'd be like, no, I'll just save my money… :P

  • A friend of mine has a lock on that bridge. They were there in March, they bought one here, had it engraved and brought it with them.

    These pictures are gorgeous! So glad you and the bedfriend (still love that) were able to take this trip!

    I vote Amsterdam next.

  • haha, you never fail to crack me up Setarra ;) but seriously, 7 euros for a lock?!! ridiculous. it is a special place though and just having been there, your love is safe i'm sure! and i vote Barcelona :) x

  • I went to Paris this summer too. It was an amazing adventure.

    Congratulations on your recent marriage!

    I just popped over from Helene's blog. I'm so glad I did!