Postcards From Maine


I had originally planned to recap our adventures in Maine on the blog before our cruise trip. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I’ve been torn, not sure where to begin with trying to put my experience into words.

Taking pictures and editing them? That comes easy to me when I work on blog posts… The writing part? Not so much especially when the posts are “personal, personal” as apposed to “surface personal”.

And Maine? Maine was personal, personal.

Our trip was so much more than just about unplugging/getting back in touch with nature. The focus of our time in Maine was centered around family. As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that the majority of the photos I took were of people, not necessarily places. (Not enough photos of people/family if you ask me tho.. But that just means I’ll have to make up for it when we visit again next summer.)

So while I think more on what exactly it is I want to say about our trip to narratively support the plethora of photos taken, here are a few postcards from Maine to hold you over in the meantime. Hope you enjoy. :)

maine.jpg  maine.jpgmaine.jpgmaine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpgmaine-clearwater-lake.jpgmaine.jpg6j3AATjXWuDz75JV.jpgmaine.jpgY63V2VJY3mELOxY6.jpgmaine.jpgmaine.jpg JCSCARnirqylkY9L.jpgmaine.jpgf1m4gTGeYkcuhlRl.jpg2wWtpA1CJUycgxn7.jpgmaine.jpg maine.jpggbFFFgiL2UH9Iat6.jpg VWkGq6T1eVuqiFww.jpgIcWJ4FG7I1BstjAm.jpgmaine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg1uAFiGIoi26HPYiL.jpgiHOIbVyejVBaKYoZ.jpgCJZtXpXqbp2DTyWQ.jpg4rbBNF0D2ANv4ex2.jpg1NlrapZBHpt6khvO.jpg maine.jpgX8vA38i7KO3nQlwh.jpg^^ When  you ask your brother to come and take a selfie not realizing what he has in his hand lol.GUQ671bO29VgVPy2.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpgmaine.jpg maine.jpgNa5fuJNwUwSjIdPq.jpgyFBsBeFva5oeKT6K.jpg tCwkCea9yO7Rtt7y.jpgmaine.jpg maine.jpg3OY06qZ6LFl6UAo5.jpg A8JjlIZ61aAGAPRq.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpg maine.jpgmaine.jpg maine.jpgmaine.jpgoMAOTYILc2SUH9mh.jpggKTDft1DJDWXsY3v.jpgmaine.jpgyxWZMCUw9nQ6ZfQj.jpgmaine.jpg

A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike. And all plans, safeguards, policing, and coercion are fruitless. We find that after years of struggle that we do not take a trip; a trip takes us. – John Steinbeck

^^ Pretty much how I feel about Maine whenever I visit… You don’t take a trip to Maine, Maine takes you on a trip.

  • Fully enjoyed. You know I love when baby sis makes a cameo!

    • Awww yay! Get excited because she’s about to make a whole bunch of cameos in my posts about Maine :)

  • There really is something so important about unplugging on trips, and just being surrounded by the people that are important to you. Maine looks so beautiful, and it looks like y’all had a blast! I definitely would have freaked out over that snake, even if it is only a tiny one!

    • You’re not the only one Ashley because I totally freaked out when I saw it! Mind you, it was just sunbathing, not bothering anybody, but I refused to leave our cabin until my brother (who is luckily not afraid of a little garden snake) came and moved it from our front porch area.

  • great photos! You’ve got a nice family. Love the Steinbeck quote!

    • Thanks Tanja! Isn’t that quote great?! I love how it highlights/focuses on the introspective aspect of travel.

  • This looks like such a great family vacation! So many fun activities! I love love love all of your pictures of that lake! It seems so peaceful! And there’s nothing better than Maine Lobster :D

    • Thanks Lauren! There really is nothing like Maine lobster! It’s also much cheaper to get in Maine than anywhere else :)

  • I agree with the prev comments, it looks like a fun family vacation, I completely understand the being able to edit the photos but being stuck on the writing part.

    • Hey Diana! Don’t you wish writing was easier? I know it’s supposed to get better with time but I’m still not quite at the point where it’s a fluid process yet. Maybe one day? :)

  • I see that I need to make more trips up north. Who knew Maine was this beautiful and food and a pictures definitely captured it all. The lobster’s remind me of a food truck we have down here in Atlanta that make the BEST lobster sandwich my lordt lol

    • Oh yes Valla, Maine is such a beautiful state! I know you would love it. And you have to add eating a Maine lobster sandwich IN Maine on your to-do list. It’s much cheaper and fresher and tastier haha. Even the McDonald’s in Maine serve lobster rolls :)

  • I adore these photos, so much love & happiness! I agree with you about the editing photos & writing a blog post!

    • Thanks Hannah! Definitely a trip full of love & happiness. When I have a hard time writing, it sometimes works better to let the photos do that “talking” so I’m really glad you were able to get that feeling from the photos! :)