Postcards From NYC

This past weekend was a blur of constant motion as Charles and I walked our Nike clad feet all around NYC. Who would’ve thought that so many moments could be packed into two and a half days? Needless to say, I finally did see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lights annnnnd will never do it again… Man oh man, those crazy holiday crowds are one thing I don’t miss about living in NYC. 
But everything else? The energy of the city, seeing old friends, the food, the sites, and the blates with Karly and Michael.. Plus being able to share every one of these moments with my love, Charles… Well, everything else was just ah-mazing! As for getting around to sorting through and sharing the rest of the many photos I took during this trip? It will happen soon enough. Right now, I’m plagued with trying to figure out what the hell I’m going to wear for this NYE party we’re going to tomorrow… 
Dear NYC: No matter how far apart, you’ll always have a place in my heart. 

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  • beautiful pictures. I never been to NYC but seeing your pictures makes me want to go even more.

  • You and Charles are too cool for school. Love that last photo. I'm glad you guys had fun, though! Hopefully i'll get back to the city soon.

  • well this is GORGEOUS. love love love

  • you squeezed in so many things in two days. and holy cow grand central station. I don't miss the crowds either!!

  • These pictures are lovely! I never get tired of looking at pics of NYC, even though I've never been. Hopefully one day soon! Glad you enjoyed your trip even though it was quick.

  • This are some amazing pictures! You really captured the beauty of NYC

  • You're like, really good at taking pictures. Teach me. P.S. I'm sad I wasn't here for these blates :(

  • I knew you were full of it about not knowing how to use your camera! These are all awesome! So glad I got to see you and meet Charles. He's very cool.

  • *cries* oh how I miss NYC. One day I will enjoy it in the winter *but i hate the cold haha*

    oh diggin' the pictures from the new t3i! I need one!

  • Amazing pics love! So happy about our blate :)

  • What great photos! It looks like you had a blast!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • Oh please, oh please come back when I'm here. I sure do miss your smiling face!!! xoxo Happy New Year!

  • New York is such an incredible city! I went there for the first time in September and I have the best memories now. It was so fun looking at your photos and seeing what caught your eyes in the big apple. :) xx