Rain or Shine // Postcards From The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


Annnnnd we’re back from Mexico! Wellllll technically, Charles and I got back last Tuesday but upon our return, I was immediately sucked into the deep, dark hole of Finals. However, my paper is turned in and my 20 minute presentation has been presented which means I’m officially done (until Spring semester begins). So while I bask in the light of feeling fluffy and free, here are a few postcards from our time in Mexico, specifically in the Yucatan Peninsula area.

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Where We Stayed:

The Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort, an all inclusive resort located in the heart of Riviera Maya and when I say all inclusive, I mean food and alcohol. (insert angel face emoji here)

The Grand Xcaret is located within an ecological preserve which meant it had a very interesting inside/outside design concept that made me feel really in touch with nature while walking around. We saw a decent amount of wildlife during our stay as well which was pretty cool too.

What We Did:

The majority of our time was spent at the resort sleeping in, taking advantage of their beach, eating and drinking, partying with our friends at the discoteca and closing out the night with some of Paco’s Tacos. Oh, and we did WORKOUT… Once.

Outside of that general pattern of daily events, Charles and I did make time to get off the resort our second day there and booked an excursion to visit Chichen Itza, one of the 7 modern wonders of the world, and swim in the Ik Ill Cenote. It was an amazing experience (one that deserves its own post).

Overall Thoughts:

As many of you know, Charles and I traveled to Mexico to attend our close friends’ destination wedding. The weather during our visit was majorly overcast with episodes of  rain but we lucked out in that the sun decided to come out just in time for their wedding ceremony. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect because right as they said their “I do’s” it started to rain haha but since it’s a sign of good luck so nobody was really phased by it. Immediately after they were announced as husband and wife, everyone ran to reception area located nearby where we partied all night in the name of their love.

Overall, I don’t know that I can say much about Mexico since the majority of our time was spent secluded away at the resort but for the parts I did see, I came away with a deep respect for the people and beautiful natural landscapes of this part of the country. Such a great trip to close out a great year.

And now… To start planning our travels for 2016. :)

  • You know, i really vibe with staying on the resort. I think we get so caught up in the “need” to explore our vacation spots that it starts to become a chore, and the whole point of a vacation is to RELAX. No need to do the local thing on every trip we take. Sometimes it’s nice to just chill in the room, in your bathrobe, with a pina colada and some fresh air coming through the bay windows.


    • Yes girl, our trip was just that = very relaxing. I’m not going to lie, at first there were moments when I was feeling antsy because we were on the resort most of the time… But as Charles pointed out, it was because I’m used to being always being on the go and as a result, I don’t know how to relax haha. But once I finally got into the groove of things, it was all good. :)

  • This looks like an amazing trip and you look FIRECE in that one piece :)

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I’m all the way down for this! I can tell this was an amazing trip and i’m sure a much needed one with finals and the fall semester ending too.

    • Oh my goodness yes, definitely a much needed trip. I ended spending my mornings working on my final paper and project and then hanging out in the afternoon and evening at the resort. It was perfect because when we came back, I didn’t have that much more to do before I had to submit my work. :)

  • Vacations like these make me wish I could just leave and never come back. Charles is looking insanely dapper!!

    • Girl, yes! I’m already planning our next vacay haha. And wasn’t he?!?! I swear the man dresses better than me. Alot of the times, he puts MY outfits together haha. Wishing you a happy new year Michael!