Surprise, Surprise! The Engagement Party :)

Press Play:
^^^ Isn’t my nephew the cutest!

It started off with Charles saying 
“Let’s not tell anyone that we’re engaged today. 
Let’s just enjoy the day for ourselves and we’ll tell everyone tomorrow.” 
He also mentioned getting dinner and drinks at Cafe Asia, later on in the day… 
And since I didn’t want to spend all day making calls to announce our engagement, 
I said “Sounds like a plan.” 
So we went about our day as planned … 
Running errands, unpacking a couple boxes in our apartment, etc. 
Then we got ready
and hopped on the metro to Rosslyn to celebrate our engagement…
Just the two of us… Or so I thought.
We entered Cafe Asia, he said “I have reservation under Nicholson”
and the waitress pointed us to the bar area …
As we were walking to the bar area …
I remember thinking “Why is everyone facing the same way?”
And as this thought crossed my mind …
One by one, people started turning around and I started recognizing familiar faces!!!
My Friends! Charles’s Friends! My Family! Charles’s Family!
Seriously, EVERYONE was there!
And what blew my mind was that they were there to celebrate US!

I’ve never felt so blessed to be surrounded by such a loving and supportive group of people.

The cherry on top was when my mom appeared out of nowhere…
That’s when I started crying … very ug-i-ly, I might add. 
My mom lives in Chicago and I hadn’t seen her in over a year …
So having her there to share the moment with was extra special. 
And as for the rest of our evening, 
it was a giant party filled with love, hugs, pictures and shots with friends and family…
Lots and lots of shots.
It wasn’t until our 4th or 5th tequila shot that Charles and I realized we hadn’t eaten yet.
So there we were … struggling to eat our Pad Thai with chopsticks that wouldn’t ‘cooperate’.

The Asian in me swears up and down those chopsticks were possessed lol…

Anyways … I think I’ll sum up the evening 
with a compliment from a lady who wasn’t even apart of our party.
She was a simple bystander, eating near the bar area watching us celebrate.
After asking one of my girlfriends what the occasion was for
She said something along the lines of …
“The fact that alot of these people have never met each other before
is amazing because I thought everyone was related in some way or form
based on how well everyone is getting along with each other.
I think it’s a beautiful thing to see people of so many different ethnicities
come together in the name of love.”
My girlfriend came over afterwards and told me what she said
And then I went over to thank her for her kind words … 
Which is when she said …
“Love always wins in the end my dear … Love always wins.”

 ~ The End ~
BEWARE: Engaged Couple Suffering  From Symptoms Associated With Being Drunk On Love ;)

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