Quaintrelle Turns 2!!! | A Reflection On Blogging So Far

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our blog lives… 

Sharing a few (a.k.a. alot) of my favorite photos from this past blog year :)

My blog turns 2 today (O_O) and here I am, typing away, all while feeling a bit out of sorts because I’m not quite sure where to begin… I created this blog to fill an artistic void while recovering from knee surgery and it’s manifested into a multi-creative outlet that is pretty much an extension of my life. Gosh… Sooooo much has happened in just one year!!! Last year, on this day, I was living in New York, loving long distance, working for a higher ed dance program and exploring the heck out of NYC before I made my move to down to Northern Virginia last summer. Today, I’m a resident in the state of Virginia, working on getting my masters in arts management, finally living together with Charles after dating for 7 years and get this, we are mutha f*ckin engaged! I’m not gonna to lie, the transition from NYC down to Northern VA wasn’t the smoothest but as with all things where gratifaction is delayed, it was most definitely worth it. As I reflect on where I was 2 years ago vs. now, I can’t help but feel grateful for everything I’ve experienced in life and that I am able to use this platform as a way to look back on those captured moments. Just like having a workout partner keeps one liable to work out, my blog has served as a liability partner in making sure that I am living life to fullest :)

And so, without further delay, I thought I’d share with you a few things I’ve learned/ experienced/ come to realization about blogging since I started 2 years ago. Drumroll please…

  • Regardless of how many blog posts I’ve written (285 posts so far), that moment of anxious excitement I get before I hit the publish button? Yea, that feeling has yet to go away. And if it ever did go away, I’d probably retire from blog world and call it a day.
  • I uber de duber applaud bloggers who post every single day. I tried it and failed miserably and felt guilty about it but then got over it and now I blog whenever I want haha. These days, I’m a believer in the “quality over quantity” ideal when it comes to blogging. 
  • Piggybacking off the point above, summer and blogging don’t really go hand in hand for me. But fall, winter and spring seasons? I’m on top of my blogging game like no other!
  • No matter how many times I re-read a draft and make edits, there is always at least one typo I miss… ALWAYS lol. (crossing my fingers I don’t find a typo after I publish this post..)
  • Blogging made me believe in the power of online dating (I used to be a major skeptic). I mean… If I can meet bloggers online and then later, meet them in person, have a great time and become real life friends? Then yea, meeting the love of your life online is totally possible! 
  • I do some of my best blog work between 10:30pm-12:30pm… Right now as I’m typing this up; it’s 11:46pm. 
  • Some of the best moments that happen in my life are the ones I can’t and/or choose not to blog about… Because some stories are not truly mine to tell, some photos are not solely mine to share, and some moments are too precious to try and put them into words. Many people say, “If you don’t blog about it, it didn’t happen.” And while I agree with this statement to a certain extent, I would also counter that phrase with, “Just because you didn’t blog about it; doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.” Life is always happening regardless of whether it’s “on the record” or not.
  • Lastly, saying “thank you” doesn’t seem adequate enough to show how much I appreciate anyone who has ever taken the time out of their day to read my posts here on Quaintrelle, whether publicly or anonymously, consistently or once in a blue moon. Because while first and foremost, I will always blog for myself… It’s comforting to know that even tho I am just one person in a world made up of 7 billion people, my voice is still heard. Your comments and support mean so much to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Gracias, gracias, gracias! Aw koon, Aw koon, Aw koon! (<– thank you in Cambodian)
Cheers and Hope You Have A Happy Hump Day!!!

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  • happy blogaversary! it's always great to reflect on how far you've come with your blog and the incredible connections you've made from this little space of yours in the blogosphere, right?

    and i'm with you on quality over quantity; i've been so busy with work these days i hardly have time to even read blogs so i post when i can with no guilt :)

    Vodka and Soda

  • Love the pics and happy blogiversary!! Dont ever feel guilty for not posting everyday. I usually post like 4 times a week and sometimes thats a lot. No need to post everyday unless you want to!

  • Setarra!!! Happy Blog-iversary!!! I'm so glad I found your blog. It's been truly a pleasure reading and looking at your photos. Here's to many more bloggy years. :)

  • Heart you to the moon and back! So many of these pictures are favorites. Happy Blogiversary! xo

  • What great photos! Happy blogaversary!!

  • I love every last one of your photos! They are so good & so fun.

  • Happy Blogiversary! So many great memories!

  • Happy birthday, Quaintrelle Blog!! I completely agree that some of the best moments aren't blogged about. It's okay to get a little selfish with your happiest times. And why do the creative juices always want to start flowing late night?!


  • Em

    I just came across your blog through Kathy's linkup! Love it!! Definitely a new follower :). I absolutely love all of your photos from the past year and congrats on the move! I'm sure it's definitely a huge transition for you!

  • woohoo!! Congrats!
    Isn't it so nice to not be in the same place you were a year ago, doing the same thing?! Keep moving :-D

    sn: you have got to help me with my pic quality! you got the artistic eye, girl!

  • Your photos are amazing! Congrats on the blogaversary :)

    DC is one of my favorite places and despite being "close" (in S.MD), I've definitely not visited nearly enough as I should have.

  • Happy Blogiversary! Great posts and I agree, some of the best moments in my life don't even make it onto my blog :)

  • Thank you for providing such a wonderful blog for the last two years. One of my favorites! Here's to many, many more :)

    P.S. I love that pic of you hanging off the truck. So ADORABLE!

  • untz untz untz… happy birthday Quaintrelle :) going thru the pictures, you did have a great year so far!

    now let's see them european pictures when it's done! can not freakin' wait!

  • Happy Birthday to you Blog! Your pictures tells it all about your blog over the past two years, hopefully more to come!

  • Happy blogiversary! Cheers to another two more years!

  • Happy Blogiversary! Hope you'll choose to stick around a lot longer! I've enjoyed the journey so far just as much as you being on it!

    – ♥ Chymere A.

  • You're so right about the moment you don't get to blog. Lol I didn't blog at all in the last few months of wedding planning and trust me, they happened. Haha while blogging life is important, there are definitely times to step back and just live it too! So happy you blog so we could be virtual friends!! <3

  • Congrats on 2 years and for keeping up with it (more regularly than I have been able to)! It's a lot of fun but it does take dedication and work.
    I found you (I am pretty sure!) when we were both sponsors of Mish Lovin Life, and have been keeping up ever since. :)