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^^^ Doesn’t Charles look hot right here? 

Twice a year, Restaurant Week happens in the D.C. area… Which means that twice a year, Charles and I pick a restaurant to go to that we would otherwise not be able to afford to go to. Restaurant Week in one sentence would sound something liiiiike: A moment when about 200 restaurants in the Washington Metropolitan area come together to offer discounted dining experiences to general public at about $20 for a 3-course prix fix lunch or $35 for a 3-course prix fix dinner allllll within one week’s time as assigned twice per year…. Have I sold you on the idea yet? No? Well then I’ll let the photos do the talking because this past Saturday, Charles and I went to Chart House in Old Town Alexandria and ate an orgasmic 3-course dinner…

^^^The view once we walked out of Chart House. The restaurant is literally on the water a.k.a. Potomac River…

I’ve written about Old Town Alexandria a couple of times before and every single time we visit here, I am never disappointed by my experience (said the U.S. history geek). The old town charm and waterfront views… I mean, it’s the synopsis of “clean cut cute” bottled up into one area in Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, it’s also an area that is completely out of our budget should we ever decide to buy a house (which we’ve started talking about) but got damn, a girl can dream right? But I’m going off subject… Chart House. Restaurant Week. 1st World Problems… I’m struggling here. But since I’m already off subject, can I also mention that Charles and I have started implementing the “envelope budget method” as broken down by Nicole from Treasure Tromp? It’s a method that has really helped Charles and I put our finances into perspective… A perspective that made us realize that we eat out a lot more than we probably should if we ever want to buy a house…

As such, Restaurant Week couldn’t have come at a better time… The Braised Short Ribs that I ordered would’ve been $26 by itself, add in my Caesar salad and Creme Brûlée included in the total; at regular price, my entire meal would’ve been about $50+. Charles ordered the Chesapeake Chicken in honor of his hometown (Chesapeake, VA) with clam chowder soup and a scrumptious vanilla cheesecake. As such, our $100+ dining experience went down to about $70 and we were very much happy with our $30 savings! The service was impeccable, our food was savory and sweet in every way as appropriate and the river view from our window was un-matchable… If only Restaurant Week happened 4 times a year instead of twice…
Dear Old Town Alexandria: If I ever win the lottery… Your area of prime real estate will be my priority for purchase. To maintain an “urbanite” status and still be by the the water has always been my dream… Until then, I will visit and I will eat and I will explore my way through your side of town. Any freebies you decide to offer will be my pleasure to review. Sincerely, Your Frugal Blogger at Quaintrelle. #alwayslookingforthehookup #haaaaaaaay

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  • This is such an amazing idea! I swear, I always leave your blog craving food! What are you doing to me girl?! ;)

    p.s. Yup, he does look great in that photo! ;)

  • You know I'm ALL about Restaurant Week. We have one going on now in Hoboken that I plan to take advantage of. We have a Chart House here too, I wonder if they're the same company? Also, $35.14? They couldn't just make it $35/pp??

  • Mmm, that looks simply incredible! If I'm ever in the area, you can bet I'm trying it out!

  • It's restaurant week here in Columbus too! I'm going out with a group of blog girls tonight :) If money weren't an issue I'd live in one of our older downtown neighborhoods also, but alas between rent and gas prices…I'll stick to my frugal suburban living for now.

  • Aw, this makes me miss DC so much! I lived in Arlington and loved going to Old Town. That meal looks AMAZING!

  • First of all, you are gorgeous!! Second of all, this food look seriously SOOOO good!!! xxoo Katie

  • Haaaaaaay! I might hate you for posting this haha Just kidding! I just missed Pittsburgh's winter Restaurant Week and hate myself for it, so now it's taking a lot out of me not to lick my computer screen over these pictures of your food (not really, I'm not that weird). When MJ lived in Alexandra, I was super jealous of his whole life too. Let's all move there! haha

    Also, your boo looks yummy in that first picture too. ;)


  • Oh. my. This looks amazinggggg. Raleigh has a restaurant week, so I need to find out when that is (asap!) The last time I did DC I did all the touristy places, and next time I need to do more places like this. Old Alexandria….that's where I need to go!

  • Oh my goodness, it all looks so mouthwateringly delicious! I feel like we just missed a restaurant week somewhere down the coast, but now I can't even remember which city it was.

    Riley and I have been talking about how much we want to visit the D.C. area once we get back home. Now I"m looking forward to it even more!

  • That looks amazing! I loved Old Town Alexandria when I went to DC to see my friend and it's so beautiful!