#ResidentTourist Link Up | Ball Game @ The Nationals Park

^^^ Hey Frozen Margarita Hey!!!

^^^ And the race begins…
^^^ Charles for the photobomb! Toya had no idea haha.
^^^ George Washington for the win with William Howard Taft trailing in second..
^^^ Ocie was rooting for the Cardinals… Traitor.
^^^ Jason & Clem
^^ Baseball game? What baseball game?! This girl was drawing in her notebook the entire time haha.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Baseball = Not really my thing. But the energy… As in the energy of a sports stadium? I’m down with the get down all day, errrrrry day. The weather was so, so perfect this past weekend, a breezy 70 degrees with chubby clouds speckled across the sky. Just perfect. Add in my TALL frozen margarita & good company = Even more perfectious (<-is that even a word?). My favorite part about going to a baseball game at The Washington National’s Park in D.C. is watching an ever so traditional  game day event called The President’s Race take place. Imagine four giant bobble head-ed presidential mascots racing around the perimeter of the field, sometimes toppling over from the weight of their heads… It’s pretty much a hot mess but that’s also what makes it so entertaining haha! Have you been to a Major League Baseball game before? What are some game day traditions/events that happen for your city’s games?

And now for the link up! I’m super excited to have Erin of Two Thirds Hazel co-hosting today’s link up with me! Erin is the mastermind behind my blog’s design and is a super cool, down to earth chick who just so happens to live in most awesome-est city ever, NYC! So make sure to stop by her blog and check out her post for today! :)

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  • I live in Baltimore and am so close to DC but have never been to a Nationals Game! I'm going to a May game and can't wait to see a stadium other than Camden yards!

    My post today before I even knew of this link up is my recap of the Cherry Blossom festival! Check it out :)

  • I went to my first Nats game as one of those DC summer interns. They're so fun! Once I lived there, I only ever went one more time. It looks like you had a great time!

  • I've never been to a baseball game but I love stadiums, so can't wait to experience it one day! I'll add it to my 'USA' bucketlist..x

  • I love baseball! How fun!

  • i'm sorry but the main thing i got out of this post are the MASSIVE frozen margaritas!! WHAT ON EARTH. we need those in London asap. xx

  • I am not a huge baseball fan either, but do love going to a game. PNC Park has a really great view of Pittsburgh as well so that definitely keeps me entertained;) And we have Pierogi Races; Sauerkraut Saul, Cheese Chester, Jalapeno Hannah, and Oliver Onion. One of the best parts of the game, for sure;)


  • I love baseball season!! Unfortunately, my husband isn't a fan, and we definitely live TOO FAR from Fenway for a game. Boo! Glad you had a good time, though!

  • Being in South Africa, I have never been to a real baseball game but it does sound thrilling! Although I wouldn't have the slightest incling of what was going on!!!

    I am a new follower xxxx


  • Your pictures are great! They really captured the feeling of being there and it looked like a fab day for a game! I think I need a giant frozen margarita next time I go to an event like that!

  • Not a fan of baseball? Un-American!! Lol jk. But really, baseball and baseball games are totally my thing. I live being in a park. At least you made the most out of your surroundings and had a blast! That frozen margarita sounds so good!

    I finally linked up! Yay me! :)

  • Go Nats!! Can you believe that I lived in DC for a whole year and never saw a game? Now I'm kicking myself–looks like fun!

  • I'm not a big fan of watching sports on tv but this looks like it would be fun!

    On a completely random note, your hair looks gorgeous :)

  • I AM a huge baseball fan and I love the energy of going to games. SO fun! Hoping to someday get out to the East Coast and see some games at different stadiums!
    I didn't get my act together for this month but next month, I am on this! :)