#ResidentTourist Link Up | Out & About D.C.

If you asked me about where I’m from, I’d tell you right away that D.C. is my hometown. I grew up in Columbia Heights and went to Murch, Deal and Ellington for school before moving away for college. I am a product of one of the worst public school systems in America and I’m damn proud of it haha. But what I’m not as proud to admit is that the majority of my life was spent inside of a dance studio which meant that I didn’t really get out much as a kid. It wasn’t until I moved away to NYC and went on somewhat of an exploring spree that I realized how much I had taken D.C. for granted. But now that I’m back in the area and the weather is starting to pick up? Whelp, there are no more excuses..

Last weekend, Charles and I hopped on the metro into D.C. We got off at the Smithsonian Station and went for a walk around the National Mall that ultimately led us to The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. The MLK, Jr. Memorial is located in the Tidal Basin area directly across from the Thomas Jefferson Memorial and surrounding Dr. King’s stone figure, is a granite wall with 16 of his famous quotes engraved. This was my first time seeing the memorial in person and I felt like it provided the perfect environment for reflective thinking. 50 years… It’s been 50 years since Dr. King led the March on Washington and delivered his “I Have A Dream” speech. In 50 years, our country has made huge strides in becoming a more tolerant nation and I think it’s so important to have this memorial as a symbol of how far we’ve come and of how much more there is that still needs to be done… (And that’s about as deep as I’ll get into this subject on the blog) As we strolled along the wall stopping to read each quote, I thought out loud, “I want to see this memorial at night when his statue is all lit up. I want to see the lights drive out the darkness..” and Charles agreed. We now have a midnight stroll around The National Mall planned for our future. I can’t wait! And Dad, if you’re reading this: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to get some pepper spray before the midnight stroll ;)

And nowwwwww for the link up!