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Summer always seems to mark the re-awakening of my social life after being a homebody during the winter and spring seasons… My “weekend calendar” for June, July and August are already jam-packed with plans (both work and leisure) and I couldn’t be more excited! This past weekend, my girl, Peach, and I headed to Richmond, VA for a much needed reunion with our friend, Tia, who recently moved back to Virginia after living in Atlanta for almost 5 years. Peach, Tia, and I met each other during our freshmen year in college (along with my girl, Camesha, who couldn’t make it out this go round- Next Time Meesha!) and we’ve been the best of friends ever since! 

^^ Peach! You may have seen her on the blog before here and here.
^^ Our appetizers… We didn’t order any entrees because we’d rather spend money on the dranks ;)
^^ Tia! So happy she’s back in the area!
^^ Grilled Watermelon Salad w/ Goat Cheese and Grilled Chicken. The dish was… Interesting.
^^ Mango Mojito = So Damn Goooood! 
^^ Plantain Nachos. Once again, Interesting…
^^ Cheers!
^^ Our waiter didn’t have as steady a hand with my camera on the manual settings when he took this pic. 
Low Light + Wobbly Hands = Blurry :/
^^ So we switched the setting to automatic w/ flash and voila! Crispy clean! I love these girls <3
We started the night off with a light meal and drinks at Havana 59, in the downtown area of Richmond. The dated decor, brick walls, indoor/outdoor layout and pulsating latin music are what lured us into this restaurant. After putting in our orders with the waiter, we people watched from our prime outdoor view and all I can say about that is that the people of Richmond were very entertaining to watch, especially late at night when the liquor has sunk in lol. Our food and drinks arrived soon after and once I snapped a few “blog pics”, we dug in which is when we got quiet for all the bad reasons. Unfortunately, our appetizers did not taste quite as good as they looked… They were lacking the Cuban flavors we were hoping for.. But thank goodness for our mojitos because they were sooooo on point! Us being us, we ate our food despite the distaste (because there are homeless people in the world starving and who are we to complain about the food we do have) and ordered another round of drinks before asking for the check. Our thoughts on Havana 59: Skip the food and head straight to the bar for drinks. You’ll thank us later.
Afterwards, we walked around, stopping here and there to check out the slew of bars that have sprung up in Richmond over the past couple of years. It’s been a while since I last visited Richmond and I have to say, the nightlife scene has greatly improved. We eventually found ourselves not too far from Havana 59 at a bistro-bar called Fishbowl, where we found a table near the DJ’s booth, settled in and danced the night away with our bowls in hand. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing (i.e. watching a marathon of Catfish episodes the morning after in our pjs), when I’m with my girls we always have such a great time. Can’t wait for our next get together with the whole crew!
^^ Corona-rita Fishbowl Anyone???

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  • Aww!! hey guys! ;-*

  • Those food dishes definitely look creative! It's too bad they didn't live up to your expectations!

  • i love ladies night; it's always so great to get together with your girls and chat.

    Vodka and Soda

  • I'm like that too! Even if the food isn't good, I tend to eat it anyways. Cause you're right there are people out there without any food….ps. I LOVE mojitos!!

  • Setarra, I feel the same way about summer! After being a total hibernating bear all winter, it always feels good to reconnect with friends in the summer. Looks like such a fun time!