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And so begins the sharing of photos from my last full day on the beautiful island of Barbados. Don’t worry there are still 3-4 more posts to come … Plus a possible video if I ever find the time. Our host, Smitty, was so nice to offer to drive Charles and I around the north/east side of the island so we could get a better sense of what the Atlantic side had to offer.

The first place we went to on this eventful day was check out was River BayThis hidden gem surprised both Charles and I. For one, there was no one around except the park rangers. Smitty told us that this bay doesn’t get alot of action since the majority of tourists just want to see the  beaches. It’s mostly a place locals come to picnic and relax.

River Bay was a refreshing departure from all the sand beaches we had seen on the west side of the island. As you can see from the pictures above, the bay is pretty shallow for many feet until it meets where the waves come in from the ocean. I was glad we came during the low tide so we could explore a bit. Charles and I waded as close as we could to the opening of the bay just to see how far we could go before it got deep.
But looks can be very deceiving… Despite the fact that the water only came up to my knees in some parts, the ebb and flow of the ocean had a very strong undercurrent that almost toppled me over a few times… Add in moss covered rocks with spots of sinking sand and we found ourselves in a couple precarious situations.
Good thing I had Charles to hold onto as we explored … I figured if I go down, at least I wouldn’t go down alone. He was wearing a white shirt and all I kept thinking as we were wading around was how he would soooooo win a wet T contest ;)

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