Barbados | Rockley My Accra

Our first full day in Barbados … Where to begin??? Firstly, we were lucky that our host, Smitty, lived within walking distance to a bus stop on a main road. We walked and took the bus everywhere when we couldn’t bum a ride off someone. We stayed on the West side of the island, in St. Peter near Gibbs Bay a.k.a. The Caribbean side of the island because, people, there is most definitely an Atlantic side of the island.

The first beach we went to was Accra Beach (to locals), also known as Rockley Beach (to tourists).

When taking public transportation, take the bus going to “Oistens”. The bus fare is $2 Bajan, $1 U.S. to go anywhere on the island. We
met up with Charles’s professor (the cool guy demonstrating something
in a pic below) and study abroad group. There we were… getting to know each other over Rum Punch, Banks Beer & yummy fish cakes … Liming. The crazy thing is … these people and Charles were getting academic credits for this!!!

While in college, I NEVER went
on a study abroad trip. I can’t believe I allowed myself to miss out on
such an experience. I felt so lucky to be able to mooch off of
Charles’s trip as he made awesome connections while working his thesis. As Charles said throughout the week, “He was getting his EduVacation on.”

Note To Self:

Avoid SWI … Swimming While Intoxicated… We decided to go back in the water after dranking and I couldn’t make it past the break. The waves kept pummeling me under everytime I tried to jump over lol. {I now know I can’t jump as high when I’m tipsy}

On top of that, I had a strapless bikini top on … Not the best thing to wear when you go to a beach with decently big waves ….  You will flash someone a tit or two … I’m lucky I didn’t lose my top haha! Thank goodness Charles rescued me and helped me to shore… I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind the bonus peep show that came with rescuing me either ;) My Hero.
Talk about setting high standards … Accra Beach was ah-mazing! The whole time I kept thinking, “If this is my first day on Barbados, the rest of the week is gonna be crazy great.”  And the rest of the week did not disappoint … :)

Make sure to stop by next Monday for Day 2!

xo, Setarra
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  • SWI. Hahaha you always crack me up.

    Looks gorgeous. I'm jealous. Blah blah.

  • Now I HAVE to go to Barbados. Have I told you that my husband served a mission for our church down there? They weren't allowed to swim and do all the touristy things…so we'll have to go back and experience that side of it!

  • Great photos, looks like you had a great time!

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  • Stoppppppp! You're killing me with these tropical photos! So much fun!
    Nikki at

  • hahahaha… flashing peopleeeee.

    gurl those pictures are awesome… gosh, i wanna just lay there on the beach. nom.

  • Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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  • I came across your blog when I was looking for pictures of Barbados on Tumblr. Lovely pictures. I am heading over there in a month or so myself. What was your favorite beach?

    • Hi Cassandra! I'm so excited for you, you're gonna love it! My favorite beach was Gibbes Beach. Much quieter, more of a local spot. I'll be posting pictures of my time at that beach next Monday :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • I learned the no swimming while intoxicated lesson the hard way too :)
    Can't wait to read more!

  • I'm jealous of everything going on in these pictures.


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