Round Two With A View :)

Winter is HERE!!!
Athena swang through last night and after going through the train wreck called Sandy last week … I would say last night was smooth sailing! Besides I love snow …  You know, before it gets all brown and nasty from street muck and doggy doo doo. 

On Another Note …
I swear I have to pinch myself in the mornings when I wake up and go to bed at night. I live on the top floor of my building and get lots of sunshine.  I love my bedroom. It’s spacious and I have my own bathroom. I’m a 25 minute train ride into Manhattan by way of Grand Central And the bonus is this view right here. In the mornings, I get to see the sun come up and have a clear of the NYC skyline. In the evenings on a clear night, it’s wondrous sight to see the city lights. Unfortunately, I only have the camera on my iPhone to take pictures with so daytime photos are the best. I wish someone would let me borrow a nice camera so I could capture the city lights from my window. Maybe one day …Until then, I’ll keep pinching away :)

 Anyone visiting NYC this winter???
Hit me up! 
Let’s meet up and hang!
AND explore AND eat food AND have dranks ;)
 xo, Setarra
  • This looks absolutely amazing. I'm so jealous of your view! Your blog layout is simply gorgeous. So excited to be swap partners! Let me know if you need a specific size button from me! Can't wait to read the rest of your posts!



  • I'm jealous! I've always dreamed of living in New York City. I guess the beach in Southern California isn't bad either, but seriously…you're living the dream!

  • SO jealous of your view !!! breathtaking and perfect!

  • hey girl!! i'm soooo excited to work with you!! i'll be emailing you soon.

    good luck in that nyc winter!