SaturDance | A New Blog Series

Starting a new series on the blog that is totally dedicated to my first love, Dance. So feel free to swing  by the blog every Saturday to see what dance videos have piqued my fancy. Sprinkled in between those videos, I might also share with you reviews from any dance performances I attend, thoughts on any issues/news going on in the dance world, as well as updates from my own journey back to dance. 

With that said, I present to you: The SaturDance Series.

Today, I’m sharing with you a tap dancing band that has been making headlines recently when Beyonce shared their dance video on her website. The Syncopated Ladies are led by director/choreographer, Chloe Arnold, whose younger sister, Maud, went to the same performing arts high school as I did. So I’ve known about them for a while now and have really enjoyed watching their success literally go viral. These fast-footed ladies are fierce. Below are two of their most recent dance videos. Enjoy :)

** For some reason the Blogger platform will not show any Youtube videos on their site via mobile devices. 

So I apologize if your reading this post on your phone or iPad and can’t see anything :( 

If anyone knows how to bypass this issue, please let me know!

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  • Setarra! Mind. Blown!

    Both of these are so incredibly amazing! It makes me really, really wish I had taken dance classes as a kid. Tap is probably my favorite because I love the sound. It's like high heels on pavement, which I love :)

  • AJ

    Great videos! I used to dance as a kid :)

    AJ |