SaturDance | Snap Into It

Straying away from the typical dance videos I usually share that involve just music and movement… 

This video is what I would define as more aligned with performance art… Some might say that this video is the perfect example of poetry and art in motion. Jillian Meyers has been one of my favorite female dancer/choreographers since she stepped out into the dance scene. She’s always going out of the box all while combining many different dance styles into a cohesive display of artistic vision. “Snap Into It” is a staccato attempt to trace the digressions from an iconic Langston Hughes poem. Enjoy :)

 photo ScreenShot2013-06-14at30615PM_zps8bec896b.png

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  • I LOVED this!!! So cool! Inner thoughts expressed through movement and words…and a beautiful poem.. Thanks for sharing.. :D