SPS // Save Water, Shower With A Friend

Let’s discuss my process for talking Charles into doing this slightly risque Self Portrait Sunday (SPS) session with me… Because surprisingly, I didn’t meet as much resistance as I anticipated and believe me when I say I was prepared to nag haha.

shower with a friend

Flashback to last December as I was googling “National Holidays for 2017” in search of blog post ideas for this year and I came across “National Shower With A Friend Day” which just so happens to be TODAY.

The minute I saw this holiday, I called to Charles, who was in the kitchen, and said, “Babe. Let’s take pictures in the shower together for National Shower With A Friend Day.”

Him: “You mean like in the shower? Naked?”

Me: “Uhhh yea. We gotta keep it authentic.”

Him: “You know our shower curtains are see through.”

Me: “They aren’t see through. They’re foggy. You can see color and body outlines but you can’t actually see body parts.”

Him: “Who’s gonna take these pictures?”

Me: “My tripod and remote. The one you got for me so I could take pictures like this.”

Him: Silence…..

shower with a friend

(10 minutes later)

Him: “We can take the pictures… BUT I need to look them over afterwards and if I don’t feel comfortable, then you can’t publish them on the blog. We can print and frame them and put them on the bathroom wall or whatever you want. But not on the blog unless I say so.”

Me: “OK! (insert hyperactive, excited wife here) Trust me, you’re gonna love these photos. They will be just a little risque but I promise, all body parts will be covered.”

Him: “Mmmmm Hmmmm.” a.k.a. “my wife is crazy and why do I let her talk me into doing things like this?”

shower with a friend

And so the photos in today’s post are the ones that “made the cut” after our quick one minute photo session in which I snapped 8 quick photos followed by us taking a legit shower together afterwards.

Post shower session, Charles had every photo zoomed in with his face pressed up to our iPad’s screen to see if there was any vagina, penis or nipples showing through the shower curtain in the pics.

Funny thing is… After he gave his seal of approval is when I started having doubts.

Earlier last week, I even asked Charles, “Do you think these photos are too much?”

To which he responded by giving me major side eye and said, “Girl. You talked me into taking these photos with you and now you wanna have doubts. Too late. I approved the pics. You better publish them.”

Me: “But what about what other people might think?”

Him: “If anyone has anything to say, tell them we married.”

Me: “True.”

And that was that, end of discussion lol.

With that said, photos are published.

Today is National Shower With A Friend Day so you know, make sure to save water and shower with a friend.

How you choose to define “friend” and what you decide to actually “do” in the shower? Well, that is completely up to you ;)

The End.

  • Gahhhh I love this! I laughed so hard at the dialogue lol. Thanks for sharing this moment, and for sharing this holiday. I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t know it existed.

    (p.s. showering together is nowhere near as steamy and appealing in real life as it looks in the movies. I find it quite annoying… and more slippery!)

    • Bahahahaha, Charles and I were just talking about that the other day. Definitely not as steamy as in the movies because I’m very paranoid about slipping and also, I’m, personally, not a big fan of water up the vagina (tmi?) If anything, the biggest most basic benefit to showering together is that we can clean each other’s back = our backs are the cleanest they’ve ever been since we moved in together a couple years ago lol.

  • LMBO! The dialogue had me dead, literally especially when you got him with the tripod and remote lol. No way out of it now!!!

    • Lol right?! I’m usually not really great with comebacks (Charles is much better at debating than I am) so I was really proud of myself for making a point that he couldn’t ignore or deny haha.

  • Megan

    STOP! I love these!!! OMG so crazy cute. And I love your honesty about second guessing them! I would have done the same thing but I’m glad you published them!

    • Thanks Megan!! My word for this year is “manifest” so I’m trying to stick with it and manifest all the ideas I have, instead of overthinking and getting in my own way, one blog post at a time. :) xoxo