Self Portrait Sunday // 22 Year Age Gap


It’s been a while since my littler sister, Gigi, has made an appearance on the blog for various reasons. We’ve either hung out in moments when I personally didn’t feel like taking pictures or in moments when she has vocalized that she didn’t want her photo taken… And as the big sister, I feel an obligation to respect her wishes because even at the age of 6 I want her to know that her thoughts and opinions count.

But we lucked out this past weekend when she came over for a sleepover in that she and I were both in a picture taking mood. After a weekend filled with plenty of activities to keep her busy, I found some time to set up the tripod and gave Gigi the remote. Once she figured out how everything worked, there was no stopping her haha.

setarra-sister-2.jpg setarra-sister-7.jpg setarra-sister-3.jpgsetarra-sister-5.jpg setarra-sister-6.jpg setarra-sister-1.jpg setarra-sister-10.jpg setarra-sister-4.jpg

An interesting fact about our weekends together:

Whenever we’re out and about, most people assume Gigi is my daughter. It’s even worse when Charles is with us because she really does look like a kid we would give birth to based on our exterior appearances.

Most of the time when someone refers to me as her mom, I’ll correct them. But sometimes I just let people assume what they want because what they think doesn’t matter to me. I know my/our truth.

I’m 28. She’s 6. There’s a 22 year age gap between us and a story about how she came to be would provide the perfect backstory for a soap opera but its not my story to tell and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.

I’m black, white and Cambodian. She’s black, white and Dominican. At the end of the day, that doesn’t matter either.

We share the same father and have different moms… And that difference in maternity especially. doesn’t. matter. at. all.

What matters is that we’re sisters, we love each other and our relationship is independent of the circumstances that brought us together.

What matters is that now… If or when I don’t correct a person who refers to me as Gigi’s mom, she has no issue giving them the side eye and telling them, “That’s not my mom. That’s my seeeester!” like the proud sister cub she is.

That’s what matters most to me. That she owns our sister-ship and claims me just as much as I do her.

On another note, I just realized that when she’s 22, I’ll be 44… Holy crap. O_O

  • Love these photos! My baby sister is 16 years younger than me–and she’s very small for her age, so there’s been plenty of times when I’ve been mistaken for her mom. She looks very much like I did as a kid, too, except she has bright blue eyes where mine are brown. It’s so cool having a truly baby sister, but it’s hard that I haven’t lived in the same house with her except when she was an infant (I moved away to college when I was 17). And yeah, it’s mind-blowing to think how “OLD” I’ll be by the time she’s grown up!

    • I’m the same way with me sister, we lived together right when I graduated from college and moved back home to live with my dad. But when I moved to NYC for work, I didn’t see her at all except for the holidays so now I’m trying to catch on lost time with her. Isn’t it crazy to think how old we will be as they get older?!?!?

  • Whitney

    Haha I love love love this!!! My brother and I are 14 years apart. At one point someone thought I was his mom, while I was standing with my dad. Grossest moment of my life for sure. It doesn’t matter to me either that we share different moms, and a large age gap. That’s my bro. Even my step sibs and I refer to each other as brother and sister, even though we never shared a house or grew up even in the same city. We are family and it works for us. Love this post. She is cute as a button :)

    • Yes, Whitney. You’re sooo right! Gigi is technically my half sister but I never call her that when I introduce her. She’s just my sister, simple as that.