Self Portrait Sunday // First Comes Bachelorette, Then Comes MEXICO!


If you follow me on Instagram (@setarrra), you might have noticed that I escaped to the woods in Maryland last weekend for my girlfriend, Lmya‘s bachelorette party. I’ve known Lmya since my freshmen year in college and was honored to be included in the celebration of her upcoming wedding to the love of her life, Bini, which will take place this December in (wait for it) MEXICO!

As you know, I’m a sucker for destination weddings (hello France & St. John, USVI!) = there was no way I was going to miss watching one of my closest girlfriends tie the knot. And don’t worry, Charles is coming too. :)


A really cool fact about Lmya’s wedding in Mexico is that she and Bini will not have a wedding party, i.e. no bridesmaids or groomsmen. It will be just the two of them, front and center on their wedding day. As a result, Lmya’s bachelorette party was an extra special one because the ladies invited to her “weekend in the woods” represented those who would have been in her bridal party, if she had one.

bachelorette-selfie-2.jpg^^ The Rowdy Bunch (from left to right):
Front Row – Bety, Ebony, Lmya, Kansha, Falen. Back Row – Me, Kim, Whitney, Millen, Tiffany and Meriam.

We spent 3 days in the middle of the woods, hanging out in the cutest cabin, eating, drinking, attempting to hike, and playing games. Some of the ladies invited I had never met before but by the time Sunday rolled around when it was time to check out, I felt like we had all bonded in the best way possible.

With that said, t-minus 48 days until Lmya gets married! I can’t wait to see everyone from the bachelorette again and celebrate some more in Mexico! Charles and I just purchased our plane tickets this past Tuesday which means this trip is really happening. Arrrrrrriba! #ahmedweds

If you have any tips on what to pack and/or places to go in Mexico, please let me know in the comments below! :)

  • Whitney

    You will have to tell us all about the wedding! My best friend from 3rd grade is getting married in Mexico next fall and I cannot wait!

    • Oooooh snap! Double yay for Mexico weddings! I swear destination weddings are the best because you’re able to squeeze in a little vacation on the side. And I’ll definitely be recapping our trip! :D

  • Listen. I’m getting major travel envy over here. I need a post on how you guys work all these trips in the budget! I know it can be done, but it’s hard to see when i’m working out payment due dates on our monthly calendar lol.

    But ON topic, girls trips are the best. I never understood women who say they “get along” better with guys. I love getting together with a group of women who all know how to respect each other. Give me an estrogen-fest ANYDAY!

    That’s such a great idea to not have bridesmaids though. I’m sure that took alot of stress off her plate (and her girlfriends’).

    • Yes, girls trips really are the best! And I feel the same way about women who say they get along better with men, it just makes me think “Oh ok, well I guess we won’t getting along then?” Sisterhood is so important to me.

      And you know, I had been thinking of writing a post on how we prioritized travel and made it happen this year but wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested? But since you asked, I will def write a post about it before the year is ovaaa! :)

      • I’ve been thinking about writing one too. I love reading other people’s budget tips, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to share some of my own. Do bloggers still do linkups? lol. Haven’t seen one in a while, but this would be a good one!

        • Haha, I think we’re on the same mental wave because I’ve been thinking of hosting a link up (for the Self Portrait Sunday or Life Happening series – still thinking it through tho because it is a commitment). If you’re interested in doing one for tips on budgeting, you should totally host one :) I could help you figure it out if you have questions and would def link up with you!

  • I’ve only ever been to one destination wedding, but I really hope there are more in my future! How fun! Seems like you’re going to have a great time! :D

    • Ooooh where was the destination wedding located? Crossing my fingers that more invitations to destination weddings come your way Lauren!