Self Portrait Sunday // Happy Curls

Year after year, I attempt to grow my hair out with the hope that I will have the patience to deal with it when it finally gets to the middle of my back.. And year after year, I end up getting it chopped off because said patience doesn’t actually exist haha.

After experimenting around with different hair cuts to see what works best for my curls, I’ve finally come to the realization that my curls look best when I my hair is a shorter length with LOTS of layers. My ideal length is one that hits just a little past my shoulders. If I go any longer, the length of my hair gets heavy and weighs down my curls so that they start to look more like beach waves as apposed to curly, curls.


The crazy thing is that even though I know this, I still attempt to grow out my hair thinking there will be a different result when there usually isn’t. Not sure why I’m stuck on trying to have long hair but it’s something I’m working on letting go of because it simply doesn’t work for me, my curls and low maintenance lifestyle.

My hair stylist, Vicky, agreed with my thoughts when I sat in her chair at Fiddleheads  yesterday.

3 inches were chopped off and she got a little layer crazy in the best way possible. When she was done cutting, washing and diffusing my hair, she said “There you go. Your curls look so much happier.” Looking at myself in mirror post cut,  I felt much happier too. This look is me.

It’s only taken me my whole life to figure out but I’m finally coming to terms with the fact that I just need to listen to my curls (because they sure as hell aren’t listening to me haha). Le curls are happier when my hair is short and when my curls are happy, I’m happy. Period.


^^ When I got home, the hubby gave me “the lookover” and raised his one eyebrow which is always a good sign haha. I ended up locking myself in the bathroom for two minutes (Charles timed me haha) and took a whole bunch of selfies on my phone because I was feeling myself. Couldn’t decide on which one to share (glasses/no glasses?) so here’s a screenshot of my photo album. You’re welcome.

And that’s all I’ve got for today’s Self Portrait Sunday = A personal lesson on listening to your curls and letting go of hairy aspirations that conflict with your lifestyle w/ a bunch selfies as visual support haha.

Do you listen to your hair? 

P.S. I’ve got a super fun giveaway coming your way later on this week! Tying in with the whole “low maintenance” lifestyle, it’s a little something, something that I’ve become obsessed with and I felt it was only right to share the love with you as well. :)

  • Megan

    Love the screenshot of your iphone camera roll! And yay for a great new haircut!

    • Thanks Megan! I had a moment where I wondered if it was narcissistic of me to share the screenshot but then I figured if it makes me happy, I should share it haha.

  • Lovely! I always try to do long hair too (I have looser curls than you) and end up only wearing ponytails until I end up cutting it. I’ll be going short again too at my next appointment. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks Elizabeth! Getting a haircut is such a rejuvenating process. I always feel energized after a haircut, it’s almost like being reborn again. Hope your appointment goes well!


    Low-maintenance/minimalism is my jam lately. I struggle with wanting to grow my hair out as well, but then I see so many super cute short/shoulder-length cuts and styles (like yours), and I give in to the scissors! Only to wear my hair pull up or back in a bun 90% of the time, smh. So I might be using “minimalism” as a cop out for “laziness” haha! Either way, I’ve never been the chick to spend an hour or more getting ready in the morning, I’d much rather spend that extra time in the bed than in front of the mirror. Simple and chic is the way to go.

    • I’m the same exact way Disa! The less time I can spend getting ready, the better because I just don’t have alot of extra time to waste these days. Hear Hear for low-maintenance/minimalism!

      And don’t worry, it’s not “laziness”, it’s called “being efficient with your time” haha.

  • Whitney

    I love your curls!!!!!! Mine have been super long, short…right now they are in between (clavicle length). I’m not sure if I listened to my hair what it would say…I kind of just bend it to my will. Literally. I would probably ask for more frequent haircuts though. Once every 6-12 months isn’t working.

    • I’m the worst with getting haircuts as well. I usually get mine cut twice a year because it’s so dang expensive! Charles goes to get a haircut and it costs $20. For me it’s more like $75-85 a cut.

      Also, I LOVE your curls! I wish mine were much tighter like yours and I think your hair looks great at any length you choose because of how tight your curls are. :)

  • LOVE TESE CURLS!! I love long hair, but it totally pulls on my curls. I’m afraid to cut it too short, though, because I love to braid it and throw it in a pony.

    I am thinking about giving it a cut in the next couple of weeks, though! thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks Nicole! I think you have such beautiful curls as well! I definitely recommend looking for a salon or hair stylist where you live that is trained in cutting curly hair. I found my salon in D.C. via Devacurl’s “Find A Curl Stylist” page:

      Good luck with your haircut! Wishing you happy curls :)