Self Portrait Sunday // Morning Ritual


I don’t know about you but I’m a self proclaimed morning person. I just love how I can get so much done before my work day starts at 8:30am. As the saying goes, early bird gets the worm, right?


Monday through Friday: I usually wake up around 6:00am and workout for 30 minutes. Then I ice my knees for 10 minutes each followed by making breakfast for myself and Charles. Most days, I’m in the shower by 7:30am and out the door to catch the shuttle to work around 8:10am. It’s a morning ritual that gives me enough time to get everything done without feeling rushed.


But on the weekends, my morning ritual starts a little later and moves a little slower. On most Saturdays and Sundays, I naturally wake up without my alarm around 7:30am/8-ish. And since it’s the weekend, I usually roll over to snuggle with the hubby before finally getting out of bed around 9:00am.


This first thing I do when I get out of bed on the weekends is make tea. Hot tea with no sugar, to be exact. On the weekdays, I don’t have my first cup of tea until I get to work and have answered the morning onslaught of emails. But on the weekends, I really enjoy being able to sip my tea at a leisurely pace as apposed to the ‘gulp and go’ pace I adopt when at work.


Charles has no issue with sleeping in on the weekends which means that I’m able to have the mornings to myself, sipping tea while working on a blog post (like this one), working on some homework or reading a book. Quality alone time at it’s finest.

With that said, I can hear the bedsheets rustling next door which means Charles will be getting up soon. Time to make breakfast with what’s left of last week’s groceries = tamales, scrambled eggs and french toast (<-the perfect use of stale bread). Just another Sunday ritual to help clear out the fridge before we go grocery shopping later on today.

Are you a morning person? What’s your morning ritual look like?

P.S. Today’s post was inspired by Disa’s (from the The Active Spirit) post about her newfound appreciation for mornings because I agree, mornings are sooooo bomb!

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  • Those pants are boss. And so are you, lady! Killin’ it as always. I love morning quiet time. Since switching to an alternative work schedule I’ve been able to spend more time alone some days & some days not as much. In the end it’s all good; either 30 seconds of quiet or 30 minutes of quiet.

    • Oooh an alternative work schedule??? I like the sound of that! I would totally nix having a 9-5 if I could make my own work hours :)

  • Love this early morning photoshoot! One day I’ll get on your level and actually LIKE the waking up part of mornings… baby steps. I’ll also get on your level with the tea drinking, but for now? Medium Iced Coffee with One Cream and the Pumpkin Swirl, please. :)

    • Thanks Disa! And don’t push it. Becoming a morning person is a slow process. I didn’t start appreciating the mornings until after I had knee surgery 3 years ago and had to get up extra early in the morning to get ready for work since it took me longer to do everything with crutches. Ever since then, getting up early became a natural habit :)

    • Also, the tea drinker in me cringed extra hard at the “pumpkin swirl” part of your coffee order haha.

  • Yea I’m so not a morning person but i’m slowly and surely changing up my routine a little for I have noticed that waking up early I do tend to get a lot more down. I have only found one tea I truly enjoy drinking and its Oprah’s Chi Tea that I get from Teavana. Yea that’s on my list too, to try some new teas but I’m sorry coffee with always be friend lol

    • That’s how it starts Valla, getting up just a little earlier each day and changing your routine. Before you know it, you’ll be up with the birds before the sun comes up :) I’m a big fan of lemon or jasmine green tea and also darjeeling tea as well. I tend to drink it plain but sometimes I add honey. I used to drink coffee all the time but gave it up for a new year’s resolution about 5 years ago and have been a tea drinker ever since. My body can’t handle the amount of caffeine in coffee now.

  • Whitney

    I think I’m confused about what I am. I wake up, most mornings, with no alarm sometime between 5:45 and 6:15….and then I lay there until like 7:20. Its like my body wants me to be a morning person, but I’m just like…nah. Its pretty silly that I waste almost 2 hours everyday with my lazy and repeated pressing of the snooze button. Oh Lord Setarra….your post has officially made me want to have better use of my mornings. Damn.

    • Bahahaha! That used to me too Whitney! I would wake up super early and grab my phone and waste an hour scrolling through social media before I finally got out of bed. But after feeling guilty for wasting time, I finally started leaving the phone along and would get out of bed to get stuff done. Becoming a morning person is a slow process but you can totally do it if you want to be more productive in the am :)