Selfies From Greece, Turkey and Jordan



We’re officially back from our time abroad and I couldn’t think of a better way to jump back into the blog zone than to share all of our selfies from Greece, Turkey and Jordan.

Usually when we travel, I am the official trip photographer… But this time around, Charles packed a selfie stick and let me tell ya, it was like I was seeing a whole new Charles. The man took MORE pictures than me during this trip which is saying alot.

If I would’ve known that all it would take was for me to get Charles a selfie stick for him to genuinely enjoy taking pics, I would’ve done it lonnnnnng time ago. Pretty much, from now on whenever we travel, we’re bringing the selfie stick haha.

With that said, below are all the selfies we took on Charles’s and my phone. Enjoy :)

selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Roaming around Petra in Jordanselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Besos from the cliffs of Meteora, Greeceselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Popping our CAMEL riding cherries!selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ 1st official selfie we took in Greece :)selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Floating around the Dead Seaselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Inside the Blue Mosque in Turkeyselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Views from the Grecian island of Hydraselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ While riding around on an ATVselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Had to get my own selfie with the camel lol.selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Trying to figure out how to get down to the water safely. Of course, it was the one time I decided to wear a dress lol.selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^Grainy goody of the sunset over Delphi in the background.selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Charles in front of the Treasury in Petra. This pose tho… Liiiiiike, who is this guy?selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Blue Mosque exterior^^ Checking out the salt crusted beaches around the Dead Seaselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Back left corner = Charles taking a lil pee break from our atv adventures in Greece because he couldn’t hold it. Meanwhile, I was forced to wait to use a bathroom lol. Men have it so easy.selfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ One last selfie from Petra^^ Inside the Ataturk Airport…  A “waiting for our flight to depart from Istanbul to Jordan” selfieselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ Aegina island viewsselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ He wore this mud mask for 15+ minutes before he rinsed it off so his skin could be “on fleek” lolselfies-from-greece-turkey-and-jordan-setarra^^ I feel like this photo captures the essence of what we looked like the whole time during this trip = Me with my camera in hand and Charles with his selfie stick haha :)

I must admit that I’ve been a little stuck with how I should recap the Greece portion of our trip since it was technically a work trip… To avoid the possibility of conflict of interest, I won’t be able to share the exact details on what travel agencies/vendors the group trip was booked through and how much the trip cost since my expenses were technically covered.

But I feel like I should be able to provide a general overview our trip’s “7 days in Greece” itinerary without there being an issue.

Luckily, this conflict doesn’t apply for the Jordan leg of our trip since we booked it personally so I will definitely be sharing all the deets like I usually do for that part of our trip’s recap.

In the meantime, I have a few local/DC related posts that have been sitting in my draft box that I’ll be sharing as I start filtering through the 1000+ photos we took while abroad.

xo, Setarra

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  • Oh my goodness, it looks like y’all had the best time while you were in Greece and Turkey and Jordan, and I can’t wait to hear all about your trip! Riding on a camel in the desert would seriously be such a bucket list item for me!

    • The minute I saw the camels, I turned to Charles and said “We’re riding them. No if’s or but’s about it.” lol It was such a fun experience :)

  • I’m loving all these selfies. This would be a dream trip for me! Israel is like my ultimate destination, but now Jordan is high on the list. How was the camel ride? Are they friendly??

    • Israel was literally right across from where we were on the opposite side of the Dead Sea so you could totally do Israel and Jordan in one trip. And the camels were so chill. Although my camel in particular was a little ADD because everytime we would pass a patch of grass or it saw another camel, it would leave the path to graze or say hi to the other camel lol.

  • Love all these! We did Greece and Turkey for our honeymoon (many moons ago haha), but didn’t get to go to Jordan. A swim in the dead sea looks awesome!! And love that he tried the mud mask haha!!

    • Thanks Melanie! Sooooo romantic to spend your honeymoon in Greece & Turkey! We only spent a layover in Turkey but really enjoyed our week in Greece. xo

  • Welcome back girly! Loving all these selfies! So jealous, I would love to visit Petra one of these days! Were there people there trying to sell y’all selfie sticks? Man they are all over Italy! And they have no shame! lol

    • Thanks Christine! Ha, we had a few vendors try to sell us selfie sticks but Charles would just show them our selfie stick and they would back off and give us dirty looks lol.

  • This is such a fun post! Your selfie game is strong, love how you captured so many good ones!!

    • Thanks Marcella! It was so fun to see Charles get into photography even if it was via the selfie stick lol

  • Such a fun post! You have some good selfies! :) I would borrow this idea but my selfies are not nearly as cute as yours…mine usually end up being awful ;)

    • Thanks Amy! And it’s all about the angles. With the selfie stick, we always had the camera above and looking down on us = the best angle for taking a selfie haha ;)

  • Wow this already sounds like an amazing trip and you haven’t even said much :D I love these selfies of you two and can’t wait to read more about the stories behind them!

  • You guys look great and it shows ya’ll really had a great time! Another one for the books!

  • LOVE all of these selfies and I can not wait to hear about the trip! Bring on the photos!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes