She Got A Donk

Right across the street from our hotel in Lynchburg was a parking lot with this awesome mural. And since I’m a sucker for dope graffiti, this impromptu photoshoot after attending the wedding last weekend was like “duhhh”. These pics were taken just because I wanted to… I was feeling pretty in pink and wanted to capture the moment because feeling pretty hasn’t been a regular feeling as of recently. Between working from 8am-7pm almost everyday, applying for jobs left and right, running errands that I was supposed to have been done weeks ago, fitting in workouts to get back down to my pre-surgery size, blogging, keeping my room clean (it’s a mess), cooking and prepping food (takes alot of time), maintaining a long distance relationship (takes alot of work) annnnnd trying to have a life outside of it all (takes alot of drinks). 
Seriously … Who has time to feel pretty?! Luckily I have a boyfriend who thinks I’m pretty all the time annnnd likes to indulge me and my blogging endeavors when the moment strikes… It’s crazy how over the past year Charles has become a major contributor of this bloggity without realizing it. He is the epitome of a good blogger boyfriend. Whenever I ask him to take a pic, he does it with no complaint. Boom.

As far as the last pic goes… I was fixing my hair while walking to get in place when Charles snapped this candid. I’m not sure what Charles was going for when he took the pic  but I think we all know what he may have been focused on… It’s the only assssss-et I’ve become a fan of since gaining close to 20 pounds this past year after tearing my acl and having knee surgery annnd it’s the one thing he doesn’t want me to lose as I work towards getting my body lean again.

Dear Buttcheeks: My efforts to workout so far are only making you bigger. Like forreal … You’ve never had so much cuppage before. All my life you’ve been pretty muscular.  But in these past two years, what with all the changes my body has gone through… Well now … You’re kinda jiggly and perky annnnnnd it’s starting to grow on me. I may soon have the perfect makings to be a hip hop video vixen haha.
xo, Setarra

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  • Love those pictures!

  • These photos are FAB – I love the colours in the mural (I'm a sucker for street art too)

    Found you on the Lovely blog hop and I'm stopping by to say hey.

    Have a great day :)

    Operation: Be His Mother

  • this photos are so neat!! thank you for linking up!


  • Haha!! Of course he got that last picture ;-) I wish I had a nice juicy booty, but sadly I do not. Love that dress on you!

  • Hi,
    It's lovely blog hop Thursdays, I stopped by to show your blog some love! If you could subscribe to mines :

  • The candid is FAB! And I love your sense of humor – there certainly are benefits to long distance relationships!!

  • we. are. twins.
    this gets weirder (that a word?) with every post. i torn my acl in the past year and have been trying to bounce back from surgery toooo. and my long-distance boyfriend likes my donk and is nice about taking dumb pictures for my blog. and my schedule seems to be the same as yours.
    yep. twins. im convinced. haha.


  • I'm a sucker for graffiti too. It makes photos so interesting! Thanks for linking up. :)

  • zomg. playing the song while staring at that (L)ASSSSSS(T) picture. hahahahahah…

    make it clap.

  • HAHAHAHHA I love this. And that picture he took is perfect. You've got that, I don't care, music speaks to my heart vibe. It's my fave! And NOT because of dat ass, although that looks fine too.

  • Love the Little Red Dress!!!
    Its such a perfect background. Love the graffiti detail! Looks awesome!!!
    Do check out my blog too doll! :)
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  • I love the color of this dress, absolutely gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • I love those pictures! The mural is really cool!

    I'm here from your giveaway on Ashley's blog :)