Sitting On The Passenger Side

Spring in NYC! As I was walking down 6th Ave.

Fun little fact about moi… I don’t have a car and have never owned a car my entire life. Yes, I have a license and am a decent driver… But growing up in DC and now living in NYC; a car has never been a necessity. I am a public transportation nomad and proud of it. As a result, I have the luxury of being able to sit back and enjoy the ride… I get to read a book, edit some pics on my photo apps, send emails, and spend hours on Instagram. You know … Very productive stuff ;) I went to a wedding in Lynchburg, VA this past weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the view as Charles drove down US-29. Also known as “The Hill City”, Lynchburg was a charming little city with a wealth of history. Can’t wait to share more about the trip! Until then enjoy some pics I took while chillaxing on the passenger side :)

NYC skyline while on the bus to DC.

Driving down US-29 …
And more views of the mountains…
Experiencing the hilly city of Lynchburg … Literally.
Checking out the Old City Cemetery …
Tombstones galore…
An overcast sky on Sunday morning …
But then the sun came out …
Biker Boyz …

On the bus back to NYC after an eventful weekend

xo, Setarra
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  • Great pictures!! I would much rather not drive ever, you have the right idea :)

  • Woah, those pictures are seriously beautiful. Since we don't really have much public transportation here in southern louisiana, I've pretty much been driving my whole life. It's crazy to see the differences sometimes!

  • Beautiful!

    I prefer to be the passenger as well. I've had my license for 5 years now I think and have never owned a car.

    I particularly like public transportation in the morning after little sleep the night before because then I can a quick nap.

  • VA is my favorite state to drive through. It's gorgeous any time of year!

  • I love that you're making the most out of your commute…it's so nice to just sit back and enjoy!

  • Fantastic photos Setarra! Bussing is practically my life, i take 4 buses to go to school :-(

  • that's one thing i miss about being a passenger… Enjoying the view. but living in Cali… you must own a car to get to places. lame. hahaha…

  • I love driving, but am currently without a vehicle because it's just unnecessary in the city! I find it a freeing feeling lol Love your pictures!


  • Amazing photos! I wish I didn't have to drive everywhere. I actually don't like driving very much for CA sucks at public transportation.