Sky’s The Limit

In case anyone was interested, I have an obsession with a blog known as The Littlest Things. Great photos, great writing, and a great emphasis on appreciating the little things in life. Plus the writer behind the blog, Sophie, has just relocated to Australia after living in England for 4 years which sealed the “follower” deal for me. After catching up with her blog last Friday, it made me think about my perspective and whether or not I fully appreciate the little things in life. As a result of this awareness, it made me approach the weekend through new eyes. I saw more, my senses were more alert and overall, I felt like I was more open to the energies manifesting throughout the days. 

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Hmmm… What were some little things that happened this weekend…
  • Looking up at the sky and immediately needing to capture the moment. Those cotton candied clouds … I couldn’t have asked for a more whimsical background. 
  • Looking in the mirror and noticing some definition come through on my abs. 
  • 3 weeks of working out and I’m finally seeing some results! #operationcollegeweight
  • Finally going on a date with the fiance after a month of living together. No friends, no family. Just us.
  • We went to Coldstone for ice cream and saw ‘We’re The Millers.’ Sooo funny!!!

But I think my favorite little moment from this past weekend was checking the mail to find a “Welcome To The Neighborhood!” deal from Chipotle with a coupon that said “Buy one burrito, get the second one free!” Two hours later, Charles and I pulled up to our local Chipotle, got our burrito bowls and satisfied our oral fixation for the day. I swear food always tastes better when it’s free haha. Thank You Chipotle. Feel free to send us another coupon anytime. Man oh man … The little things :)
P.S. I’m super pumped for Monday Night Football. Let’s Go Redskins!

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  • LOVE these pics! and burrito bowls… i think i know what i;m having for lunch!

  • Everything is better with Chipotle! :)

  • These photos are great, you look so pretty and the sky is to die for!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  • amazing photos! Love the sky of course. =D
    So inspirational…

  • There's no way that this sky is real!!! Oh my goodness, it's beautiful. I'm definitely going to have to check out her blog. I agree…it's so important to remember the little things life gives us. I find myself to be so much happier when I am.

  • I love this post. It's so true. It's the little things that can bring so much happiness and inspiration. Thanks for the reminder :)

    And for linking up!

  • Loving these carefree pics. You;re right, when food is free, it always tastes better! Glad thigns are going well! xo

  • Food 100% tastes better when it's free, I'm SURE of it. And you have perfected the necessary blog scenery selfie, can you teach a class? I'm TERRIBLE at photos by myself and you just totally own it! lol

  • What a dreamy scene. I'm always trying to notice the little things too. Your date sounds like a nice time to be together without distractions. And way to go with the working out. It's always encouraging to see actual results!

  • These pics are AMAZING!!! And I am right there with you…I need to stop and notice the little things more…like getting a coupon to Chipotle!! LOL!!

  • I love these pictures, they are gorgeous! Mmm chipotle, yum!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  • How awesome are these photos! I especially love the first one. Looks like you're about to take off.

    I have yet to try chipotle since it came to baton rouge.. so thanks for my Monday lunch idea! (: