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While driving down Maple Avenue in Vienna a.k.a. “Resto Road” (a term I coined due to the mass array of restaurants on this road), I noticed a new building sign lit up to our right… Like a moth to a flame, I asked Charles to whip a u-turn and off we went to try out the new burger joint in town. It’s name? Social Burger. 

When Charles and I entered Social Burger, we were surprised by how little people there were inside only to realize that it had literally just opened a couple days before. A soft opening, that’s what they call it, which piqued our interest even more. So we went ahead and ordered two medium well cheeseburgers with bacon and a side of handcut fries. We also noticed their homemade sauces and ordered those up too.

When our food arrived, I pleasantly surprised to find arugula on my burger. First time ever having that combination but flavors melded really well together. The burgers were nice and juicy (but not too greasy like some other burgers I’ve tried) and the fries were crispy just the way I like. But let me not forget the mention the housemade sauces… Of the 3 (social sauce, red thai curry mayo and chimichurri sauce), my favorite had to be the red thai curry mayo. It had a great zest and creaminess to it. 
^^ Grubbin Hard
^^ Up Close & Personal – The Broiche Bun Was So Good.
^^ Charles actually gave it 2 thumbs up. His other thumb was just busy holding onto some important business.
Once our burgers and fries were all gobbled up, we decided to go all the way and ordered some milkshakes because what’s a burger experience without a milkshake? An incomplete one, that’s what it is. I ordered the chocolate milkshake (of course) and Charles ordered the strawberry (gag). 
While we waited for our milkshakes, we were approached by one of the restaurant’s staff only to find out that it was the owner, herself, of Social Burger. She asked how our food was and if there was anything we thought they could improve on with the service before they officially opened in a week. As we got to talking, it was fun to learn that Social Burger was a family run business and that the burgers are hormone free, dry aged beef patties which was why they were so juicy. Another cool tidbit, she mentioned that they planned to update their menu every month and name their burgers after their favorite customers of the month. Talk about incentive! I’m seriously tempted to add, “Get My Name On Social Burger’s Menu” to my goals for 2015…

** I think it’s important that I mention this post was written in October of 2014 when our visit to Social Burger actually took place (I know, I know. I’ve got a serious backlog of posts to get ya’ll caught up on since I took my blog break!) but fast forward, 3 months later and I’m still thinking about their burgers and milkshakes. Charles and I recently drove past Social Burger and from the street, we could see that it was PACKED with people (thanks to their ginormous front window)! I guess word has gotten out about them in the neighborhood which only makes sense because their burgers were banging. I’m trying to stick to my “healthy eating plan” but you can bet your bottom that I will more than likely be visiting Social Burger on my next cheat day :)

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350 Maple Avenue West
Vienna, VA 22180

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  • Samantha

    Dang! I wish I had known about this before it got packed! I need a new place to add to my lunch list! I will be sure to go there ASAP!

  • Yes, you should definitely go and let me know what you think! It's located right in the Jade Shopping Center in case you need a landmark to look for while driving :)

  • Kiara

    Family run business with cool burger names?! Reminds me of Bob's Burgers – I love that show. Anywayssss, hopefully I'll get to try it next time we're down that way! :-)

  • omg those look so good! My roommate is a total american-food junkie so I'll tell her about this place. We'll have to check it out next time we venture over to Vienna :)

  • I can't even begin to tell you how much I love a good burger lol. Great review and pics! This is making me want to have a burger as my last meal before I kick my health game back into gear. Le siiiiigh lol

  • You know I got you the next time you come down to visit mama! :)

  • Yay! I hope you and your roommate enjoy it as much as I did/do!

  • Thanks Sheriden! I feel you about burgers. #lovethem I've been sooo tempted to stop by Social Burger these past couple of days but I'm on a mission to lose some thunder from my thighs so I blogged about it instead haha. The struggle is real ;)

  • Chelsea Oliver

    Nom nom nom! That burger looks freakin' ammmazing. Especially since I'm hardcore trying to just do "clean eating" right now.


  • I feel you Chels! Eating clean is sooo tough especially when there is so much temptation out there lol. But you can do it! I'm rooting for you! :)

  • What fun place!! I want to go be social and have a burger!! Ha!! And free sauteed onions…now that's my kind of joint! Ha! You guys always look like you are having so much fun! :)