Some Experiences Pay You Back Ten Fold

Can you believe I almost passed up the opportunity to go to Barbados? When Charles told me he was going on a study abroad trip to Barbados and wanted me to go with him, my first thought was “Yea, right!” Not because I didn’t believe he wanted me to come with him but more so not thinking I could afford such a trip. You see … I have a complex … One that I’m trying to find more of a balance with. The subject matter of my complex majorly revolves around money and actually spending it on myself. I have no problem paying my bills, putting a bit of my paychecks into savings. But when it comes to purchases outside of the essentials … I always take the longest to deliberate before I actually spend it or don’t spend it. Some may call me stingy … I call it “Knowing how it feels to not have money so when I do come into money I always think about preparing for the next time I might not have money…” {Does that make sense?}
But with my trip to Barbados having come and gone, I am sooooo glad that I went. So glad that I finally have a legit stamp in my passport. So glad that Charles talked me into going Barbados by saying, “I know you’re saving up but what if you die tomorrow … What will happen to that money when you die? You’re not working just to pay the bills … You gotta enjoy some of your hard earned money too.”Why does he always have to be right?  ;)

Above are pics from Bathsheba Beach … Smitty drove us over from Animal Flower Cave and chillaxed in his car while Charles and I took a stroll in the sand. All you could hear were the waves crashing on the shore and the wind blowing all around your ears. Luckily I had my sunglasses on because I had a bit of an emotional moment where my eyes teared up and I just felt sooo grateful and happy to be standing where I was. You ever have those random moments where you just feel like crying from of a sudden wave of happiness? Please say you have so I won’t feel like such a sappy face lol.
A couple years ago, I never would’ve thought  that I would travel as much as I have in this past year. I was always the girl out of my friends that didn’t go anywhere because times were hard and there was a part of me that was ok with it because not everybody gets everything they want. Well not anymore. The issues of my youth shouldn’t and won’t bleed over into my present. With this trip to Barbados, travel has become a priority for me. I’m not going to go crazy and blow all my money on traveling now … I haven’t changed that much haha. But I do want to try to have one international trip planned every year and check out one place in the US that I’ve never been to as well. I don’t think that is too much to ask of myself in regards to adding travel to my annual budget …  Because if there’s anything I’ve learned from my first trip aboard …  It’s that some experiences are worth the investment and pay you back tenfold. :)
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xo, Setarra
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  • HOLY MOLY BARBADOS!!??? What a stinking dream! Simply amazing.

    Thanks for linking up!!

  • I can definitely relate to this. I'm such a sensible person that for a long time, travel seemed like a luxurious expense that only my reckless friends could indulge in. I also get terribly homesick easily. But since working at a job full time, I think I've come to realize that this whole 8-5 thing is only worth it if you get to enjoy your money and travel is quickly climbing the ranks of importance for me. With our wedding next year, Rob and I had to postpone the trip to Europe we were planning for 2013 but it'll happen in the next two years, I know it. So glad you didn't turn down Barbados!!

  • ugh this is too gorgeous. and i am so glad you went, sometimes you just gotta go (or I keep telling myself that!)

  • What a cool experience! Such a beautiful setting. Glad you made it happen :)

  • omgosh, what fun!! these photos are great so happy you went!


  • Oh my gosh- I went to Barbados once when I was a kid, but now that I have seen your photos, I want to go back immediately, just to photograph it. Okay, and to have a drink in the sun! Your second photo is just gorgeous!

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  • Bel

    Barbados looks amazing! Your photos are beautiful! I hope I'll get to go there one day :)