Sometimes Being Bad Is Good… Hellooooo April!

This happens every semester as “finals season” approaches… I have a habit of going MIA on the blog which is exactly what I did last week and a great example of what might happen again during these next 5 weeks until Spring semester of grad school is officially over on May 8th. 

I think that in this case, being a bad blogger translates as a good thing because it means I’m focused and present in real life, a life which right now doesn’t provide alot of time to sit down and write a post when I’m working 9-5, going to school in the evenings, getting my fitness on, reading 300 pages of text and writing papers every week as well as meeting with my group every Saturday to work on our finance class’s final project. 

Did I mention that I also started teaching dance classes on Sundays? Oh yes. As if I didn’t already have a full schedule, I decided to put more food on my plate. A little backwards but totally worth it because dance makes me happy and my Sunday afternoons have turned into an outlet I so look forward to!

But I digress… Life and blogging…

I still plan on trying to squeeze blogging in when I can (because I believe a girl can have everything) but I guess I’m writing this post to give you a heads up that things might get a little sporadic here. I might have a good week where I post 2-3 times and there might be times that I post nada. Either way, I hope you’ll bear with me over these next couple of weeks because once school is done with, I’ve got a few surprises coming your way that I can’t wait implement when I finally have time! 

Make sure to follow along on Instagram or Snapchat to keep up with my behind the scenes moments in the meantime. You can find me @setarrra.

On another note, can you believe that it’s already April?!?!?! Where did all the time go?! Anywho, I’m not complaining because April just so happens to also be my birthday month! Ahhh! Guess who’s turning 28 in a week and a half??? (raises hand)

And that’s all I’ve got for today. Wishing you a Happy Hump Day! :)

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  • Megan

    Yay April babies! Mine is on 4/22 aka Earth Day!

  • wow, you are busy! that's awesome that you're teaching on Sundays! I would love to take a class from you!

  • I go through spells with blogging. I feel like I'll either blog every day (or once every 3 weeks) ahh! Yes…living in the present is SO great. And so awesome you're teaching class…how's that going?!

  • Whitney

    Wait I can follow on da snap chats too….look out world!

  • Yay! What's your snapchat name Whitney?

  • Hey Ashley! Teaching is going good so far! I'm teaching 2 hip-hop classes for tweens and teens and am on call to sub classes throughout the week, which I've been doing alot lately in my free time. It's so much fun. I've already started calling my students "my kids" haha. :)

  • Yay! What an awesome day to be born on Megan! April babies unite!

  • Thanks Helene! I'm pretty sure you're naturally inclined when it comes to dancing and that you would have a great time! I'm only teaching kids right now but the minute I move up to teaching adults, I'll let you know ;)

  • Whitney

    Katygoesboom like errything else :)

  • Happy early birthday!! Good luck on your finals!

  • Thank you Bella! I'll take allll the luck I can get! :)