Sorry Mr. Lobstah!!!

Only a few posts left of my New York adventures before I can finally get you all up to date with what’s going on in my life since I’ve moved to Virginia … FYI: I have ALOT of catching up to do on this blog haha.

Anywho, as a last hurrah with my roomies turned real friends (Meg &  Rachael), we all decided to spend the Fourth of July holiday weekend in the Adirondacks. Yeap … We went away from NYC and spent our time upstate in the woods and I couldn’t have asked for a more timely reprieve. After an adventurous and exhausting 6 hour canoe/kayaking trip down the Canajoharie River our first day there (more on that subject later), we treated ourselves to a lobster dinner to celebrate Rachael’s birthday that also falls on Independence day. 

  Considering I hadn’t eaten lobster in forever, this dinner was sooo yummy and refreshing. But the best part was the process of getting the lobsters to edible form. From picking them out to cooking them to the struggle of cracking open the shells … Eating lobsters are the epitome of ‘working for your food.” But man, it’s sooo worth the work when you finally have a bite of that delicious lobster meat :) #nomnomnom


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  • I don't even really eat lobster and this post made me hungry… Haha

  • i love lobster. get in my belly.

  • Im allergic to shellfish so i will never experience this joy :( Sadness!