Southern Hospitality in Honor of My Knee :)

It’s crazy how time flies… This past Saturday marked the one year anniversary of my knee surgery. It’s amazing how the body heals itself. I remember feeling like my life was over after I woke up from my surgical procedure last year. The pain I went through weeks after, walking around on crutches in NYC, that helpless feeling… The daily crying sessions when I got home from work each day. I wouldn’t be surprised if I went through a slight bout of depression looking back on all I went through.
But as they say… What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger. And it’s true … I am sooo much stronger from going through this experience.

In typical Setarra fashion… This one year anniversary was cause for celebration. My girlfriend, Kim, was in town for a friend’s wedding and I met up with her on Saturday for a boozey brunch. We met up at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen where they have an awesome deal for brunch. For $12.95, you get unlimited mimosas, bellinis, bloody marys, and screwdrivers for 2 hours along with your brunch item. And YOU KNOW, we made the most of those 2 hours ;) This restaurent is actually owned by the one and only Justin Timberlake, so we had our eyeballs alert just in case he stopped by.
Alas, he was a no show. But we still had an ah-mazing time!

After brunch was a slight blur… A trip to a rooftop bar for more drinks, a second attempt to go to the Guggenheim Museum that was a major fail cuz I got “lost” (blame it on the goose), flagging down a random pedestrian to take pics of me in front of the Lincoln Center, stopping by Whole Foods to grab food from their hot bar only to spill chicken curry all over their floor (quickly and quietly walk away from the scene of the crime), and getting home at 1am still feeling the buzz from the day even tho my last drink was at 5pm. Overall, a pretty successful anniversary. I love you knee.  
Happy April Everyone! This means it’s my birthday in TWO WEEKS!

xo, Setarra 
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